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Do yourself a favor and purchase a tiny home in the middle of nowhere. We’re officially heading into the third year of a pandemic, and it’s time to take on a project that will give WFH a much cozier meaning. 

Whether you’re in New York looking to trade the concrete jungle for the serene green of upstate, or in California pining to relax amongst the redwoods, there’s probably a tiny home for you. 

The tiny home trend has swept social media over the last couple of years, so look no further than Instagram for all of the DIY home insight you may need. There’s no shortage of inspo, whether your preferred style is farmhouse chic, modern minimalist, or somewhere in between.


Take a look at this swoon worthy A-frame situated in the Catskill mountains, New York, renovated by Instagram user @triangleaframe.

Tiny Miss Dolly on Wheels

If you prefer a little more mobility, check out this enchanting Australian tiny home on wheels, @tinymissdollyonwheels

West Coast in New York Home

Here’s one that was assembled from scratch by a young couple on Vancouver Island, Canada, @westcoasttinyhome.

Even with the immensely different design of each home, there’s a sense of comfortable escape built into each one. These are just a couple examples of the thousands of micro homes that are popping up across the world, leaving no shortage of opportunity for you to cozy into one.

You’re already picturing yourself in your own tiny home sipping your fresh drip coffee and looking out over a golden field at sunrise, aren’t you? 

It’s all very romantic, and acquiring a storybook home may seem like little more than a fantasy for many. However, with the opportunity to work from anywhere, the dream may be closer within reach than we’re leading ourselves to believe.


Let’s Talk Tiny House Costs

There is the issue of cost, but tiny homes go for a fraction of the price of regular houses, and rightly so. 

According to Home Advisor, the average tiny home costs $45,000, and can start as low as $8,000 with just the basics. A trailer home can go as low as $4,500, but you will need to purchase a vehicle capable of pulling it. 

As for renovations, there are ways to create a beautiful, clean space on a budget. For example, if you can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a marble slab for your micro kitchen, don’t fret. There’s the Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit. It’ll be a bit more work, but your pride will soar and you wallet will thank you.

Projects like this take time, and the complete renovation of a tiny home may take a couple of months, depending on your means to hire additional help. In the end, it’ll be well worth it, and you won’t ever want to leave your tiny oasis.

If, by chance, you’re not completely ready to up and leave your old life behind, there’s always the magic of Airbnb. Who’s to stop you from renting out your very humble abode on weeks when you’re tethered to some obligation or another in your hometown? In the areas surrounding major cities, it’s not uncommon to find cabins/tiny homes listed for upwards of $200/night. Many consider experiences like this to be once in a lifetime, and the cost isn’t as much of a deterrent as it would be in a chain hotel.

If you take the time and care to create an artful, unique space, you will see your hard work pay off. After all, you deserve a project that’ll make you feel good in the new year.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you going to purchase a tiny home in 2022? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.