Vrbo Unleashes Record Marketing Blitz to Challenge Airbnb’s Dominance in Vacation Rentals

In an ambitious effort to secure a larger share of the vacation rental market, Vrbo, an Expedia subsidiary, is launching a bold advertising campaign to stand out from Airbnb. Expedia plans to spend about $7 billion on marketing, targeting Airbnb's unique listings indirectly through witty ads. While Vrbo focuses on private, whole-home rentals, contrasting Airbnb's shared spaces, it trails behind Airbnb's 7 million listings with just 2 million. This strategy, aimed at vacation hotspots, sidesteps the urban short-stay market, where Airbnb excels, leveraging Vrbo's niche in premium vacation rentals to challenge Airbnb's dominance.

Why You Should Buy Your Very Own Tiny Home in 2022

Do yourself a favor and purchase a tiny home in the middle of nowhere. We’re officially heading into the third year of a pandemic, and it’s time to take on a project that will give WFH a much cozier meaning.  Whether you’re in New York


Airbnb’s Layoff Process Shows You The Right Way To Do It

As the global economy continues to find itself drowning under the weight of the COVID-19 health crisis, Silicon Valley tech giants have had to massively downsize their companies. Millions of employees have been laid off by firms ranging from Airbnb to Uber in last-ditch efforts


Want To Earn Extra Money Without Working?

Today we will be talking about how to go about getting that extra income. Sometimes our current job doesn’t pay enough to support our needs. Fortunately, there are ways to boost that income through passive side hustles. In the modern age, we are fortunate to