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Reasons Why Cash Offers Are Better For Sellers

When it comes to selling a property, homeowners are often faced with the choice of accepting cash offers or waiting for traditional financing options. While both options have their merits, cash offers can provide significant advantages for sellers. Here are several reasons why cash offers


Homebuilder Confidence Surges, Fueling Optimism in the Housing Market

The housing market is increasingly favoring homebuilders, as builder confidence reached positive territory in June for the first time in nearly a year, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)/Wells Fargo housing market index update released on Monday. The index reading rose to


These Questions are Often Overlooked When Hiring Your Next Real Estate Broker

Making a real estate investment is a significant decision for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether you’re leasing commercial space for your operations, purchasing your dream office, or even acquiring real estate for investment purposes, the real estate agent you choose to guide you through


How to Grow an Attractive Real Estate Agency With Joshua Shull

Real estate, for all its perceptions and complexities, is a sector based on attraction. How attractive property is to a buyer may influence their attachment to it, and how appealing a company’s ethos is may affect whether it can recruit the best agents. In a


Marcela Garanin Gives 3 Essential Steps for Aspiring Real Estate Agents

Leaping from one career to another will likely require a great deal of dedication and hard work. But it’s a transition that many people have been inspired to make over the past few years. The recent pandemic caused a widespread re-evaluation of life’s priorities, and


Ben Kazemi Explains 3 Principles to Scale in Luxury Real Estate

Property as a whole is becoming a tough industry to crack. Primarily driven by young professionals’ interest in switching careers and learning the craft, there is a generational changeover with greater competition on the cards. The luxury space was previously reserved for experienced titans of


How Top-Producing Real Estate Agents Become Successful

The real estate market is crazy competitive, so you know that top-producing agents are always looking for a new edge they can use to beat out their competitors.  If you are trying to write a letter of recommendation for a friend or family member in


Why You Should Buy Your Very Own Tiny Home in 2022

Do yourself a favor and purchase a tiny home in the middle of nowhere. We’re officially heading into the third year of a pandemic, and it’s time to take on a project that will give WFH a much cozier meaning.  Whether you’re in New York


Mark Cuban Adds Entire Town to Portfolio

Mark Cuban has purchased a 77-acre Texan town named Mustang. In an email to NBC News, the 63 year old owner of the Dallas Mavericks gave his reason for the purchase; “Did it to help out a friend. No plans yet!”  While the final sale


Housing Market Crash On The Way?

With relatively low mortgage rates and more people reassessing working from home, the housing market has been exploding. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and everyday employees are in need of new homes or home offices. As the market explodes, housing costs have increased, and the number of available


Fundamental Steps In Construction Business

You probably know the challenges of owning a construction business, especially if you already own one or you plan to start one. Even though the construction industry has been growing in the United States in the last few years, the industry still faces a lot


How To Build A Construction Company

1. Keep Learning When it comes to having a successful construction business, you need to keep learning, no matter how intelligent you are or how well you know the industry. This is because the world is always changing and you need to keep on changing

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How A Young Entrepreneur Plans To Scale His Business Amidst A Pandemic

For most people, playing sports is just another way to have fun with friends, let off steam, or get some exercise. But for entrepreneurs, sometimes it means something more. Meet Derrick McNeil. Growing up in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Derrick loved playing sports and even attended college


Why The Housing Boom Could Doom Middle And Low Income Families

Compared to September 2019, overall there was 20% increase in the amount of homes being sold. However, the majority of the buyers are at the top end of the market. Homes that are priced at a million dollars or more are being sold nearly double

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