Renting an RV is an excellent choice and can be an essential asset for your trip. And from a business perspective, RV rental businesses are great ways to earn and invest. However, you’re not the only one who thinks like this. Competition in RV rental businesses is tough, and it boils down to convincing your clients that your RV is the best choice. Hence, this article will be heading down RV business marketing, from the basics of marketing your business to expert tips, RV loan guides, and tested strategies—all to make your RV rental business stand out on the market.

Presence through Social Media

RV rental entrepreneur taking selfie for Instagram
RV rental entrepreneur taking selfie for Instagram

Presence is a primary and practical point in marketing your business. Even a mere photo circulating the internet would suffice and possibly get potential clients. Creating your webpage and presence through various social media and online selling sites is the trend amongst businesses, and there is no reason you should avoid it.

Having a Webpage

Having your webpage means taking control of what you present to the public. Your vision, stories, and branding can be shown in creative ways that let users interact and know that your RV Rentals mean business, and this business is for their enjoyment.

Think of it this way: no matter how affordable or intricate your RV is, it will not sell regardless of its state if people do not see it. This is an obvious point that’s often overlooked by beginners.

Listings and Photo Staging

Another thing you have to prepare to make your RV business stand out is the client’s first impression. First impressions are vital to almost every business, and it takes well-planned steps to gain a positive impression. Whether you like it or not, first impressions last, and this often dictates whether you’ll get the deal or not.

Investing in a good camera or hiring a professional photographer works wonders in making your RV elegant and attention-grabbing. Let the photographs reveal the internal and external rig of your RV, as well as the different angles for creativity. This would eventually lead to more client inquiries and, hopefully, a closed deal.

Additionally, a good camera has to be paired with a good sense of design. Placing travel and leisure props into your RV makes the RV look creative and personal. RV’s that coincide well with your client’s personality and mood would almost guarantee you profit.

Make Your RV Pet-Friendly

Entrepreneur standing in front of RV rental with dog on leash
Entrepreneur standing in front of RV rental with dog on leash

At some point, the inevitable happens. Clients will ask and prefer bringing their pets to the ride. Allowing your clients to have pets on board may cause you some worry, as there is a good chance they can be destructive, especially for those not appropriately trained.

However, traveling with pets brings a different kind of fulfillment and appeal to most people. It’s a different kind of fun when your best furry buddies are coming along the ride. And it’s worth your time to consider allowing pets to your RV. If you want, you may add rules or inspect the pet’s behavior to see if they are well-behaved.

Get Connected

Getting in touch with your local car dealerships and camping supply shops works wonders in marketing your RV rental business and making it stand out. As likely you’ll be dealing with a camping-centric client, pair it with special discounts from camping shops, and it’s a win-win situation.

Additionally, involving your business in financing and lending sites would help you get connected with interested clients. One example is securing boat and RV financing with MyFy USA. MyFy USA lets RV businesses and boat lenders post their rigs to clients looking for one. And through fantastic deals and easy approvals, you can easily set up rental loans and agreements, making the whole process smoother while getting your clients happy.

Pricing Limitations

RV driving on road at sunset
RV driving on road at sunset

As much as we try to make our rentals favorable to the client, we do all the maintenance, repairs, and refurbishments to the RV, and it takes a lot of money to keep them in top shape for the next client.

One common mistake businesses suffer from is pricing. Frequently we price our rentals too high or too low that it affects our sales. A good workaround is setting up RV loans that could help clients pay for your services and ensure that you’ll be getting a reasonable and justifiable profit.

Pet Limitations and Cancellation Policies

As mentioned above, allowing pets can be a good selling point to your clients. However, it would be best if you had a strict policy on pets and it should be specific because pets are more likely to cause damage.

Initial rules you can implement are the number of pets allowed, age limits, crate and caging policies, vaccinations, and tick control. These are some of the basics but essential in avoiding unforeseen damages.

Another equally important policy are cancellation policies. Cancellation policies ensure that your client adheres to the time and date of usage under contract and is liable for any fees imposed by you. This is essential for owners with only one RV for rent. You have to be clear and strict about the schedules agreed upon, especially if your RV is scheduled for another set of clients to use.

Be Yourself

Couple sitting inside RV rental
Couple sitting inside RV rental

Nothing beats a genuine and humorous businessman who knows its way into RVs and has genuine experiences in travel and leisure. Showing compassion and determination to make your client’s trip memorable would make them feel that you are here for them.

So, relax a little bit when introducing yourself and your rig, be quirky and attentive to their questions, and develop a lasting relationship with your clients by being yourself.


Here’s the reality: engaging in an RV rental business is challenging and competitive. But anything is possible when you take calculated risks and follow through with best practices. As long as you are consistent, genuine, and serious about your work, then it’s just a matter of time before you see your brand standing out amongst the market.

Have any more tips on how to make your RV rental business standout? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.

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