Building and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is any company’s responsibility. However, running yearly training programs and hanging a few posters with workplace safety tips is not enough. To boost safety in the workplace, you need to actively promote it. Here are a few tips to apply right now.

Minimize Potential Safety Problems

Employee driving fork lift in warehouse while wearing safety helmet
Employee driving fork lift in warehouse while wearing safety helmet

Every job comes with a range of office hazards. Some of them are communicable diseases, transportation accidents, workplace violence, slipping and falling, toxic events, etc. They may disrupt the continuity of your business, compromise employee morale, and even result in expensive lawsuits.

To ensure employee safety, make sure your workplace complies with OSHA standards and regulations. Here are a few ways to minimize office hazards:

  • Maintain your machines properly.
  • Invest in adequate uniforms and PPE.
  • Provide employees with clear safety guidelines.
  • Designate emergency exits.
  • Proof the building.

Develop a Health and Safety Policy

A health and safety policy is a key document for employee-oriented companies. It represents workplace safety guidelines for your employees to follow.

Now, every safety policy consists of several elements, including a general statement of intent, the responsibility section, and the arrangements section. The goal of the policy is to explain your company’s values and dedication to creating a safe workplace. It also illustrates the chain of command, allowing employees to understand how to report certain health and safety issues.

Once you develop a health and safety policy, make it available to all team members 24/7. It should be a useful document your workers will rely on when they face safety problems.

Invest in Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is an umbrella term for many techniques, tools, and materials that minimize work-related injuries or illnesses. The examples of PPE include masks, face shields, full-body suits, gloves, goggles, helmets, fall protection, etc.

The benefits of PPE are multiple, from protecting workers to complying with federal, state, and regional regulations. It protects your employees from a range of health and safety threats, including head injuries and falls.

PPE can even generate a high ROI. According to statistics, for every $1 you invest in PPE, you receive a $4 return through reduced injury expenses and improve employee productivity. Sure, the choice of PPE depends on your industry and local regulations. For example, if you are an Australia-based business, you will want to invest in men’s workwear in Australia that complies with local regulations.

Moreover, find new ways to encourage employees to wear PPE. For starters, adapt it to your workers’ needs. According to statistics, most workers do not use PPE because it is too hot, does not fit right, or looks unattractive.

Provide Visual Safety Tips

Green emergency evacuation sign pointing to exit
Green emergency evacuation sign pointing to exit

As a business manager, your goal is to raise employees’ awareness of safety issues. Investing in visual content is one of the most effective ways to grab their attention and increase information retention.

Use any type of visually appealing materials, including posters, color codes, signs, etc. For example, place OSHA posters in your offices. They include invaluable workplace safety tips for your staff members to follow.

Moreover, use digital signage to provide the latest safety information, regulations, or updates. You can use your LED screens to post daily or weekly safety tips in the workplace. You can even recognize employees who have demonstrated impressive safety awareness so far.

Over to You

Safety in the workplace is not optional. It is a necessity for any employee-friendly and responsible company. That is why you should ensure it is deeply embedded into your company culture.

Focus on increasing employees’ safety awareness and inspiring them to follow the rules. For example, make learning about safety fun. You can create safety-themed quizzes and include prizes for winners, such as a free lunch or a bonus. That is an effective way to boost employee engagement and help them retain the information.

Have any more tips for creating a safe and healthy work environment? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.