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Recruiting someone for your company is one of the toughest and tedious tasks to do. You may find a person but maybe at someplace, he lacks a skill in your requirements due to which he’s rejected and the process of interview restarts which is the most frustrating thing ever. Especially for startup businesses, it is strenuous to find good talent when you have a low budget and no experience in recruitment. In online startups, sometimes no one trusts the recruiting process because they consider it a scam.

Although finding someone that is perfect for your company might be hard but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can find a good talent by including all the benefits that an employee would have once they join your company. Here are some other unconventional ways to attract talents to join your company. 

Company Environment

Almost every person wants to have a job in a cool environment. So what does the cool mean here? Cool means treating them nicely and giving them a break from their work for a nap. As Nap is one of the good things for mental health and boosts up the mood. A better mood is directly proportional to better efficiency at work. This will not only stand your company out unique but would attract extraordinary talents to your company.

When you’d care about their mental and physical health they’d give their 100% in work and would enjoy doing their work. You should also give them permission for a holiday sometimes when they need or ask for it. You should always check out their mental health and do not let them feel the work is a burden. These things will make your company unique and everybody would love to work for you.

Offering Bonuses and gifts

Offering bonuses for good work is one of the most attractive things to almost everyone. By giving them a bonus for their great job you’re not only holding them in your company but you’re also appreciating their work which can boost their efficiency at work. Mentioning bonuses in your job description would attract experienced and talented people to your company. You can also offer them a huge gift like a car. It might be difficult for you to afford initially but you’ve to take into account that it is also an investment in your company.


Perhaps promotion is one of the common ways to attract talent but it is also necessary for your company’s growth. By offering a promotion or promoting your employees would not only attract new talents to your company but would interest the current employees more in your company. Promotion is like a mood booster it tells the employee that you’re an important person and we value your presence here and you’re a favorite employee of the company. 

When your current employees will be happy in your company then they’d tell their comrades or any other people such as relatives that your company is extraordinary for an employee which will attract more employees perhaps they’d not have a lot of friends but maybe they’d be the one that your company needs.

Attracting Universities students

There are a lot of young students in universities or high schools that are highly motivated. It’d be a great opportunity for growth for your company if you attracted talented students out there. As every student dream is to be independent by giving them even a normal salary they’d be happy in your company and by hearing all these benefits that you’ll provide them it would motivate them more.

It’d be also great for your company if you hire an expert psychologist for your employees who’d observe your employee’s moods and would treat them accordingly. Think of all of these as an important investment in your company. These things will not only give your company a unique look but more and more people will get interested in it. 

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Final Words

These are some of the points which I wanted to highlight to entrepreneurs who are just starting up or have already started. Initially, it’d be difficult to seek talented people but with the passage of time, you’d eventually be an experienced entrepreneur. Social media is one of the powerful tools for searching the talent. The more your company is likely to highlight respect for employees the more it’d attract talents.