Attract and retain talents for your startups without on a budget

Recruiting someone for your company is one of the toughest and tedious tasks to do. You may find a person but maybe at someplace, he lacks a skill in your requirements due to which he’s rejected and the process of interview restarts which is the


Top 7 Tips To Earn You That Dream Job In A Growing Startup

Many companies are beginning to sprout rapidly in different locations. However, some candidates find it difficult to gain employment into startups. This is perhaps because startups are relatively close-knit and are adamant to admit as much into their usually comfortable arrangement. Generally, tricks to earning


U.S. Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level Since 1969

The Labor Department announced on Thursday that weekly unemployment claims in the U.S. dropped from 227,000 to 184,000, the lowest since Sept. 6, 1969, which were a reported 182,000. This is a far lower count than what had been predicted. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones


6 Undeniable Trends For Hiring After Covid

Covid-19 pandemic forces the world to bend in so many ways. The situation surrounding it accelerated new trends in the corporate world, resulting in a huge shift in hiring and workers’ responsibilities. Hiring radically took a new turn at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic,


Make This Your Top Priority When Hiring Or You’ll Doom Your Startup

Yes, we are aware! Growing your startup can be incredibly exhausting and extremely daunting. From the recruitment process of attracting a pool of qualified candidates down to the selection process of finding the right fit, the stress associated with the entire process can definitely not


Millions Are Unemployed, Yet Businesses Still Struggle To Find Employees

The U.S. unemployment rate has sky rocketed in the past year. Yet despite this, many essential businesses struggle to find employees that stick around. Business owners and managers alike are desperate to find extra help during these busy times. They have increased their wages, enrolled


Get The Career Of Your Dreams With LinkedIn’s New Tool

LinkedIn is looking for more ways to help us all in our job-search crisis as the pandemic continues on. Over the many years, they have done everything in their power to improve the job-search engine and give its customers everything they need to find careers.


Entrepreneur’s Guide To Hiring Startup Team Members

Entrepreneurs are filled with dreams and ideas about how to radically disrupt the world in the most positive ways. To get their dreams off the ground, they do the legwork of signing on investors interested in partnering with them on what they feel is a


Brenda Pond Debuts Finderspage, A Free Alternative To Craigslist

There are not many who can juggle more than one talent, but the stunning Brenda Pond has managed that amazing feat. The Native American entrepreneur has done everything from modeling to acting. She was born in Chicago but raised in Texas then moved to L.A.


How To Tell If You Have An Employee Or Independent Contractor

Doing business is a complicated and sometimes grueling process that often involves juggling multiple responsibilities to employees’ clients, vendors, and governments. Some entrepreneurs, like me, enjoy the juggling act; others have come to despise it. Well, if you are an employer in the State of

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