Wasif khan
Wasif Khan is a Content Writer. He's been writing for over 3 years and has recently decided to start doing it professionally. Wasif is doing his bachelor's in Software Engineering and the topics he enjoys writing about are technology, science, entertainment, cryptocurrency, business, and finance. He is also an SEO expert, a graphic designer, loves learning new skills, and is a well-known astronomy enthusiast.

How to reduce the taxes on your business?

Taxation is as old as ancient Egypt, which means the taxation concept was born around 2000-3000 BC maybe before it but we don’t know that yet. Since then it has evolved into our current tax system. Taxes are financial contributions from your income to the


How to advertise your startup to attract investors and shareholders?

Investors and shareholders are the lifeboats of a business whenever the business is likely to sink they come into use to save it. You can’t expect to grow a startup business by yourself without the investors and shareholders. Your company will likely go bankrupt without


What to consider when naming your company (updated for 2022)?

Almost every entrepreneur first finds out what will be their business motive and then tries to find an attractive name for their business accordingly. Naming a company is a hard and most essential part of starting up a company because in some cases the name


Attract and retain talents for your startups without on a budget

Recruiting someone for your company is one of the toughest and tedious tasks to do. You may find a person but maybe at someplace, he lacks a skill in your requirements due to which he’s rejected and the process of interview restarts which is the


The Best Vlogging Camera And Equipment For YouTube In 2022

Vlogging is one of the most interesting and world-explorative things today. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to start vlogging but have no clue about cameras and equipment for vlogging, then this article will help you greatly. Even if you’re changing your existing camera, this


Latest Tech Gadgets Entrepreneurs Want To Make Their Lives Easier

Developments in the tech industries have revolutionized our life. Every time a new gadget is invented, our lives are impacted. Almost every entrepreneur is so busy with their work that they can’t even notice the amazing gadgets that are invented for them. These gadgets can


5 Remote Jobs That Will Let You Live The Life You Want

Since the birth of humankind, we have struggled for independence. Humans have done and will do anything for their independence. Anyhow as we know independence can be achieved from money in today’s civilization. Making money nowadays is not as difficult as it used to be