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Starting any business is a big undertaking. It can be even more challenging to work in the interior design industry because of its popularity in recent years. With so many TV programs broadcasting home improvement, décor, and design shows, the interest in interior design skyrocketed suddenly. With such steep competition on your hands, you’ll need to do a great job in order to be on top. If you have a strong desire to start an interior design business, here’s what you need to do first.

Build a Website

Living room decorated in green tones
Living room decorated in green tones

Now that you’ve decided to find your way into the interior design world, it’s time to start making your business visible. Today, every business is living its best life online, where a large audience can find it. Just think about it from your perspective. What do you do first when you’re looking for services or products you’ve never used before? You Google them, that’s right. In that manner, building a representative website with your portfolio and all the necessary information about your education and qualifications is the number one step. Potential clients will never hire you unless they witness your previous work and see for themselves how good you are. If you manage to sneak in a couple of 5-star reviews, even better.

Do Plenty of Networking

Networking is of the essence in any business, and even more so in interior design. Have you made business cards yet? If not, quickly choose the design that will best represent your business and start handing them out at every gathering. Whether you’re at a business event or at a family gathering, nonchalantly mentioning what you do and slipping your business card to them brings you one step closer to your new client(s). You could also attend trade shows and make personal contact with reputable designers in your industry. Building a business through word of mouth is still very much popular and widespread.

Interior designer studying trending color patterns on tablet
Interior designer studying trending color patterns on tablet

You can’t expect to start working on a project unless you know what’s currently trendy. In your case, that comes down to furniture trends, colors, and patterns. You can look at some of the amazing bentwood chairs and consider incorporating them into some of your future projects. Subscribe to interior design magazines, follow their social media accounts and make sure you can answer any question about current trends that your potential clients may be interested in. That will give you credibility and make you look very professional.

Consider the Area You Want to Work in

Did you know that you can specialize in designing only certain types of interiors, as well as only specific rooms in the house? Just because you’re a designer doesn’t mean you need to work on every room in the house. Refining your marketing strategy will help you reach your target demographic whilst maximizing exposure. If you live in the area of the city where family people live too, then deciding to remodel an entire house can be good. If you see an array of commercial properties emerging, then maybe you should shift focus to commercial interior design instead. Whatever turns out to be more lucrative.

Branding is Important

Interior design entrepreneur sitting on kitchen counter
Interior design entrepreneur sitting on kitchen counter

The first thing that potential clients are going to come across is either you or your website. Considering many more people will spot the website or the social media page first, they need to have your brand’s image engraved into their memory after that. Namely, you must make sure to have an authentic and eye-catching logotype and logomark. Hire a graphic designer for this purpose so you can have the best brand image. You’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition so give this a lot of thought before you make the final choice.

Promote Your Business Online

Promoting your business is of the essence. Investing in marketing is half the job done. Without it, you can’t expect people to know about you. Therefore, be sure to start Facebook campaigns, create Google ads, and promote your business online in every way possible. If you’re not sure how to do it, hire a marketing expert to help you out in the beginning. Hand out flyers if needed, and don’t forget about the word of mouth either.

Starting a business is a huge milestone in life. Once you decide to become your own boss and have a company of your own, you must do your best to make it successful and let people know about you. From marketing to branding and choosing the area of your work, there’s a lot to think about when starting your interior design business. If, at some point, all of that becomes too much, hire help. Let the professionals deal with those parts of the job that are not your stronger suit or expertise.

Have any more tips for starting an interior design business? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.