Because Google has all the answers, people turn to the internet to find what they need. In order for entrepreneurs to help find what searchers need, they should have a website. Websites act as a portfolio, resume, and cover letter. Thus, business websites help entrepreneurs put themselves out there and differentiate themselves from competitors. There are two types: traditional web pages and bio links. A bio link page, such as Linktree, is a one-page website with a brief biography and multiple links to business and social pages. More entrepreneurs are using bio links as portfolios and as a resource page. It is much more efficient and makes you more credible than using just a Facebook Business page. We believe that business pages should be as unique as the entrepreneur behind them, so there’s no one-page-fits-all. Read on to see different website ideas for entrepreneurs.

Bio Links Pages

An entrepreneur building his website on dual monitors
An entrepreneur building his website on dual monitors

As mentioned, bio link pages, also called link trees, are on the rise. They’re short and sweet and convenient as they get straight to the point. While they vary depending on which you use, they all share these features: a profile picture, a brief biography, then a vertical list of links. These links have their own box and are labeled. Then, at the bottom are links for their social media pages. So, it acts as a resource page. They are typically one page, depending on how many links there are.

Writers, actors, and entrepreneurs use them to organize all of their works, like a portfolio. If your work is spread out all over the internet, then you need a Linktree. Another great use for bio link pages is to spread awareness. Sometimes, you will see a campaign or an article written by someone else. Thus, entrepreneurs can showcase their work and their beliefs. This gives more credibility and brings in a more specific audience.

You can have both a link tree page and a webpage! Often, entrepreneurs will have the link for their website on their bio link page. Bio links are pages like Linktree, Campsite, and Tap Bio. Put one of these guys on your social media pages! I’ve noticed a lot of Instagram influencers use Tap Bio.

Website Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur working on professional website at remote location
Be Modern

If you have too much to fit on a bio link web page, here are some website ideas for the ideal business site. First, we recommend a sleek, modern website look. The homepage is clearly the most important part; visitors will decide in a couple of seconds if they want your business services. Efficient categorization is always important! A horizontal menu bar with drop-down subcategories makes the most sense to me.

Balance your professional and personal self

Another important aspect is professional/personal balance. A website gives your audience a sense of your personality, which distinguishes you from your competitors. Obviously, you don’t want to be too business-like and seem like another brick in the corporate wall. Displaying your work, titles, and awards give you professional credibility, along with a decent site free of errors.

Discuss Who You Are Off the Clock

Have a little fun! We recommend a more casual biography and discuss your interests, raising, hobbies, etc. Clients already met professional you when they saw your portfolio, so tell them about the off-the-clock you. If you have a team, then introduce your audience to your team as well. You can earn more trust and respect that way.

Go Easy on the Pop-ups

Finally, make sure your website doesn’t appear spammy. Ensure fast loading times and a spacious look, meaning not cluttered with ads. Speaking of ads, if you have a pop-up window that asks the visitor for an e-mail address, give them a minute before having the window pop up. That way, they can decide if they want to be involved with your site without feeling pressured.

Put Yourself Out There!

Websites are essential if you are trying to expand your audience and network. Now, people can find you easier and have a way to reach out to you. While a website can cost up to $1,000, you can earn so much more afterward with your audience being able to find you on Google. Don’t forget to keep up with your site, whether it be a standard web page or a bio link page. Keep it updated and change it up a little from time to time. And, be sure to engage with your audience on there. Another helpful thing is to have contact information accessible. You’d be surprised how many business owners and entrepreneurs make it hard for someone to reach out to them!

Feel free to reach out to us for more website ideas or help. Our founder, Anson Wu, has an eye for professional-grade business pages. Thank you for reading!

This article originally posted on GREY Journal.