Multi-faceted Artist Timmy Ong Showcases His Talent

It is a fact that the arts are interconnected as you see more and more singers who can dance, act, and write. Without a doubt, it is hard not to mesh all four or at least learn all those disciplines to become a well-rounded artist.


Brooklyn Art Gallery Owner At It Again With New Show

Once again, Canadian pop artist David Craig Ellis is gracing the art scene with his creative prowess, bringing forth a brand-new exhibition that is set to captivate the world’s attention. Collaborating alongside the esteemed painter and founder of Miami’s renowned Fridge Art Fair, Eric Ginsburg,


The Story of Culture and Conversation

Regarding culture, discussion, and virtuosity, painter Steve Green has you covered and will have you thinking and willing to learn about the history that only a few can do. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, and raised in Scotch Plains, Steve Green crayoned a communicative


Flower Power: The Art of Business Communication Through Blooms

Welcome to the world of flowers, where every petal and color has its own language and meaning. As a seasoned florist, I understand that flowers are not just beautiful decorations, but also a powerful tool for communication. In a business setting, the right flowers can


What Is An NFT, In 5 Minutes Or Less

NFT's have the opportunity to change the way we do business, and it shouldn't be seen as a negative either. But what is an NFT?

Triple Threat Film Maker Ryan Tian Making Creative Strides

Sometimes it takes meeting the right people to realize what you’re made of. This is exactly the case for editor, videographer, and director Ryan Tian. From a young age he was always taken in by the beauty and creativity of filmmaking, but was not sure


Creative Cinematographer Builds On His Unique Talent

In the film business one of the least talked about elements that goes into making a film is cinematography. It is not an easy discipline or task to perform and excel at and there are only a few people that are universally known to the public


Artist Perspective: Is the Starving Artist Fact or Fiction?

Being an independent artist has always been hard work. From the renaissance days of Michelangelo to the modern age, artists are misunderstood and more importantly, underpaid. Artists work for free, don’t see the fruits of our labor, and are often underestimated. Shoot, an artist sometimes


6 Lessons From When The World Stopped

As an independent filmmaker, Natalie Rodriguez was immersed in the energetic, fast-paced life that a creative artist living in the heart of Los Angeles, California is prone to. 2020 was going to be a great year: the award-winning entrepreneur had won contracts with distributors to


Award Winning Film Editor Muyun Zhou Explores New Challenges

“When I was 15, I watched Independence Day for the very first time. I was so shocked by all the various special effects that were turning imagination into reality. After watching the film, I carefully watched the credits at the end. When I noticed the

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