“I did not choose dance it chose me.”

That quote says it all when it comes to the stunning and talented Satoko Mori. This fiery performer has proven she has what it takes to be on stage with the hottest artists in the business. A native of Japan Satoko was drawn to music when she started classic piano at three-years old. At that time music became a passion for her but soon she would discover the graceful and feverish art of dance.

“Being a working dancer in New York is super hard since there is so much competition. After learning the piano, I transitioned into dance. And when I discovered the energy of New York and how the art of dance was so strong I became addicted. I made it my business never to give up.”

She would first take up theatre, jazz, and ballet before she learned about hip hop. This was when she landed in New York to investigate dancing possibilities. It was not hard for her to break ground within the dance industry. Satoko managed to turn heads with her God-given talent and would soon light up stages around the globe. So far, she has performed/opened for artists like Lil Kim, Madonna, 50cent, Fabolous, Chris Brown, Ashanti, BTS, French Montana, Sean Paul, Thalia. and Ciara.

She had toured with Lil’ Kim in Africa and Australia which was a valued experience for her. Only recently she was a backup dancer for Ashanti which offered a different twist compared to the more upbeat sound of Lil’ Kim. Satoko has learned that working with female performers tends to be more demanding than collaborating with male artists. The dancers were pushed to be more creative, and the preparation process was stricter.

Prior to the pandemic, Satoko was touring with R&B sensation Keisha Cole where they completed three shows performing in New Jersey, New York, LA, and Las Vegas. The show was a mix of R&B singers and Keyshia Cole was the headliner. She will be performing again with Cole this Spring. Her work ethic in the art of dance has offered her the chance to appear in many TV shows, videos, and commercials for such networks like MTV’s A-List New York, VH1, Nickelodeon, Showtime at Apollo and the recent GOOD MORNING, AMERICA (which was for a Soul Train Award) and more.

Aside from her dancing performances, she has also co-choreographed two music videos with Lil ‘Kim entitled “Nasty One” and “Spicy.” Both music videos were filmed in Miami, Florida. Last year she had the opportunity to perform in the Broadway musical “In the Heights” which was staged in her native Japan. That experience opened another door for her, and she fell in love with doing musicals. In addition, she performed with artist Bad Bunny, in what was coined Monday Night Football Genesis Halftime show which was televised on ESPN.

Satoko is currently looking to expand her dancing career into musicals after her experience in “In the Heights.”  She will be focusing more on the creativity side, as Creative Director, Choreographer for many projects such as Commercials, Live shows, MV etc. Satoko is not only beautiful and talented but has an inner drive that will only enhance her career to other levels.