Jake Schario
Sr. Client & Community Specialist at AeroPay, one of Chicago's top startups. That means he is the go-to for the companies clients around the country, as well as a liaison for communities around Chicago, organizing events that are meant to educate business owners about the best ways to receive payments. A veteran of the startup and corporate world, he loves to collaborate and be creative about how to serve his clients and community.

Asian Immigrants Look To Make Their Mark In Chicago

“America was built by immigrants,” A common proverb that we have heard throughout our lives living in this country. However, we should say, “America depends on immigrants.” We are also told time and time again that America is the land of opportunity, and it’s hard


Why Millennials Are Opting Out Of Marriage

Traditionally, the summer months mean making travel arrangements to attend the weddings of friends and family. However, for Millennials and subsequent generations, fewer and fewer dates may be blocked off their calendar. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 25 percent of Millennials