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Atlanta is quickly becoming one of America’s hottest cities. A cultural hub in the South, the city is home to many top artists, as well as corporations. This mix of business, culture, and pleasure make Atlanta a top destination for many looking for new opportunities, connections, and activities.

AptAmigo’s team of local apartment locators put together a list of reasons why Atlanta is a great place to live.

Best Reasons to Live in Atlanta

Civil Rights History

The quality of life and history is second to none. With numerous outdoor activities, fun neighborhoods, and a down-to-earth community, many new residents immediately feel welcome here. And history buffs will enjoy the city’s rich history within the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Civil War.

Atlanta residents watching whales at Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta has a ton of attractions and things to do. From a bustling art and restaurant scene and attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, the College Football Hall of Fame, and an array of sporting events from College Bowl games to Atlanta Braves baseball, you’ll never get bored.

Green Scene

Green space. Atlanta is littered with parks all around the city, and is less than a two-hour drive to the North Georgia Mountains for hiking.

Easy Transportation
Cars driving down I-75 in Atlanta at night

A sprawling, but connected Metro area. Living in Atlanta definitely necessitates a car, however I-75 connects all of the city’s main neighborhoods. The city’s public transportation system, MARTA, can take you to the essential spots such as the airport or downtown for a game or a night out.

Affordable Living

Cost of living is reasonable. While the city is getting more expensive as it gets more popular, it is still more affordable than other big cities such as New York or Los Angeles. Therefore you don’t have to sacrifice money in order to live well.

There are plenty of great reasons to move to Atlanta, read more on what makes this city great, or contact AptAmigo’s team of local apartment experts to learn just where you should live and why!

What are some other best reasons to live in Atlanta? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.