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Nashville, also known as Music City, has gained popularity over the past ten years—and for good reason. This city is no longer just for music aficionados, but for anyone looking to relocate to a burgeoning city. With a stellar food scene, endless entertainment options, and a bit more space to breathe, living in Nashville appeals to all walks of life. Here, we give you the inside scoop on what it’s like to call Nashville home.

Reasons to Move to Nashville

Nashville citizens riding a pedal tavern

What makes Nashville a great place to live can be boiled down to:

Never Ending Fun Activities

With a rich tradition of offering the best live music, you won’t have to do much to scratch your itch for the sound of live music. Or enjoy top-notch restaurants downtown or in the Germantown area. Plus, the city is known for a rowdy scene that lasts late.

The Food Scene

Nashville is more than hot chicken, and when you live there you’ll see exactly what attracts people from all over to stuff themselves silly here.

Great Weather and Access to the Outdoors

Bring the kayak out to Harpath River only 30 minutes from downtown, which will definitely come in handy come summer.

Be ready for Nashville life by living without much public transportation, diving into honky tonk culture, southern hospitality, leaving your winter coat behind, and of course, Nashville BBQ.

Things to Keep in Mind

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To give you a balanced view of what to expect when arriving in the Music City.

Lack of Public Transportation and Traffic

As Nashville continues to attract more transplants, the roads become more crowded. Couple that with an already limited public transportation system, traffic will be a part of your life in your new city.

The Dog Days of Summer

Heat in Nashville is thick and heavy, not dry like a refreshing California heat wave. You’ve been warned.

Never Ending Construction

“Tall and Skinnys,” as the locals call them, are popping up all over as the housing market grows. With growth of course comes construction to keep up with demand, so expect it to affect traffic, noise, and everything else.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.