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AptAmigo is the leading apartment locator service in Chicago, helping Chicagoans new and old find their ideal luxury apartment in the Windy City. Therefore we put together a list of what makes this city great.

Best Reasons to Live in Chicago

Quality of life

Chicago is a true melting pot that offers a wide array of activities for everyone. From festivals to the lakefront, you’ll never be bored in the City of Broad Shoulders.

A city for foodies
Chicago residents eating at Rosebud Chicago Italian restaurant

The city has top-notch restaurants in every neighborhood, whether you want Vietnamese food or BBQ, your palette will always be entertained. Every neighborhood has their local spots, or you can find a Michelin-starred eatery when you’re feeling fancy.

Numerous attractions

With world famous museums and parks, Chicago is a city for lovers of art, history, music and more. Play in the park after touring one of the emblematic museums anytime you want!

Getting around is simple
Entrepreneur crossing street in downtown Chicago with L train in background

Chicago’s CTA covers nearly every inch of the city. Use the “L” train lines to get north, south, east, and west—or take the bus, it’s so easy to figure out and get where you want to go.

Job opportunities

Chicago is a hub for many things in the Midwest, which in turn provides numerous economic opportunities. With a strong startup scene to compliment a wide array of corporations with their headquarters in Chicago, it will be easy to network and jumpstart your career.

Lake Michigan
Couple sitting by Lake Michigan in Chicago

Even if you’re from the coasts, the Lake Michigan lakefront is impressive. It’s the best place to spend summertime; you can bike along the Lakeshore Trail to your favorite beach for volleyball, drinks, or to just sunbathe.

There are plenty of great reasons to move to Chicago. Read more on what makes this city great, or contact AptAmigo’s team of local apartment experts to learn just where you should live and why!

Are you an entrepreneur living in Chicago? What has your experience been like? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.