If you have been paying any attention to developments in the media world, you will have picked up on the growing success of podcasting. It is one of the breakout media formats of the modern era.

A podcast is an audio broadcast that is put onto the internet for people to listen to. Sometimes this is a free service and at other times it is for paid subscribers.

There are currently 287.3 million people around the world who listen to podcasts. Furthermore, that number is predicted to go above 400 million before the end of the year.

It really is time that you joined them if you haven’t already. Read on to find out why you should be tuning in to at least one podcast.

They are easy to access

One reason why podcasts have taken off to such a degree is that they are extremely accessible. All that is needed is a connection to the internet and a device and you can start listening.

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, there are thousands of them that can be listened to for free. You just have to go to Audible, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts to search for one that interests you and tune in.

They are convenient

All podcasts are recorded, so you do not have to listen when they are first broadcast. You can download them after the event and listen at a time that suits you.

Lots of people catch up with their favorite ones during their spare moments, e.g. when out for a run or driving.

They are useful

One of the things to be aware of about podcasts is that there is at least one to cover every subject. It doesn’t matter whether you want education or entertainment; you are guaranteed to find one to suit you.

You can get guidance on anything from your love life to personal growth and business. There are tips-based podcasts offering strategies for success at these and popular leisure activities like gaming.

For example, you will find gambling strategy podcasts with pointers from professionals on playing games like Texas Holdem. This can make your online poker play a lot more successful and lucrative.

Here are some examples of useful podcasts for each of those areas.

  • Relationships – Where Should We Begin

This is hosted by Esther Perel, who is a professional couples therapist. The episodes have anonymous couples discussing a problem in their relationship with her.

That format lets you hear common issues between couples being tackled in real-time.

  • Personal development – The Brendon Show

There are a lot of podcasts dedicated to self-improvement, but the Brendon Show stands out. He is a qualified personal development coach so he knows what he is talking about.

Two episodes are released each week. One is an intimate behind-the-scenes look at his week and what he has learned from his experiences and the other provides practical development advice.

  • Gaming Strategy- The Red Chip Poker Podcast

This show features everything from interviews with professional players to sessions of coaching to sharpen your skills. It has more than 3.5 million listeners.

  • Business – How I Built This

This podcast presented by Guy Raz sees him talk to different successful entrepreneurs each week. It is essential listening for business owners as it covers all topics, from managing work and home life to how to turn failure into success.

They brighten dull parts of the day

Podcasts can be useful tools, but they can also just be entertainment to enliven dull periods. It is no coincidence that many people choose to listen to them while carrying out housework or doing exercises.

Doing so will keep your brain active and help to make such routine activities pass more quickly. A podcast that you find funny or entertaining can even turn them into a pleasure.

They let you learn from experts.

Many podcasts feature genuine experts in their chosen fields talking about those subjects in depth. This is happening at a time when there is less of that sort of long-form discussion in the mainstream media.

The fact that podcasts have become such a big thing is clear evidence that people still want deep conversations among knowledgeable people. They offer the listener a chance to learn something new or to reconsider their existing opinions on a subject.

They will reduce screen time

Everyone in the modern world spends too far much time staring at screens. This can mean televisions or computer monitors.

Although people listen to podcasts on electronic devices, the keyword is ‘listen’. You can put the device down and close your eyes while engaging with your favorite podcasts and not lose anything.

Excessive screen use has been linked to everything from brain damage to eye strain. So there is a lot to be said for averting your eyes for a while.

They will engage your imagination

Listening to people talk without being able to see them stimulates the imagination. Podcasts that focus on storytelling are a successful niche for precisely that reason.

One of the best arguments for podcasts is the chance to spark some life into your imagination again.

If you have not been listening to podcasts up to now, hopefully, you can see why you should start doing so in the future.