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eToro was established in January 2007 by a group of businesspeople with the vision of decentralizing the world of trade so that it could be accessed by anyone, anywhere, regardless of their relationship to traditional financial institutions. 

eToro was established by Yoni and Ronen Assia, and the company’s core staff is comprised of highly experienced professionals from the fields of finance and technology.

eToro has been active in the financial business for more than a decade, enabling the company to establish itself as one of the most successful and widely used social investing networks and trading platforms. The supervised platform gives clients access to a wide variety of tradable assets, including foreign currency, equities, cryptocurrency, commodities, and ETFs.

Why does eToro stand out from other brokers?

eToro stands out from other brokers because it is one of the few that offers cryptocurrencies. This is clear when compared to other brokerages. Even though the FCA has prohibited crypto CFDs and yet most UK traders no longer support crypto, eToro lets you buy, trade, and invest in BTC, Ether, and many other cryptocurrencies. This trustworthy eToro review Uk will assist you in making the right choices when it comes to buying shares at the lowest fees available.

Users can invest in cryptocurrency for as little as $10, and eToro has its own cryptocurrency wallet where you can keep your coins safe. This implies you can buy Shiba Inu without leaving your house. The best thing about eToro is that it is a much safer and cheaper way to buy cryptocurrency than through cryptocurrency exchanges.

Is eToro safe?

eToro, a renowned trading platform, has successfully secured regulation with top regulatory agencies such as MiFID, CYSEC, FCA, AFSL, and CIF.  Because of the service’s unwavering commitment to the clients’ funds’ safety and security, the platform has established itself as one of the most successful brokers in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Users of eToro, which is one of the authorized trading sites, are asked to verify their credentials by producing legitimate documents that have been granted by the relevant authorities. Traders are protected from fraudulent and illegal acts by the implementation of these safeguards. 

In addition to this, it assists the trading platform in establishing a safe atmosphere for its users. eToro complies with rules requiring them to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and “Anti-Money Laundering” (AML) by requiring all of its users to go through this process.

However, due to the inherent nature of the world wide web, one must always exercise an additional degree of caution when interacting online.

eToro Regulation and Investor Protection

In addition to the protection offered by the regulatory body, eToro clients can get private insurance through Lloyd’s. In case eToro goes out of business, the sum is £/$/€ 1 million for cash, equities, and CFDs.

In case eToro goes out of business, the sum is £/$/€ 1 million for cash, equities, and CFDs. eToro offers negative balance security for CFD trading as an extra safety measure, however only to clients from the EU and Australia.

If you trade cryptocurrencies on eToro, you won’t be protected in any way.

Tips on How to identify a safe broker

  • Is the broker on any stock market?
  • Does it come from a banking company?
  • Does it have a two-step sign-in process?
  • Does it reveal its financial statements transparently
  • Does it offer protection to investors?

Common Risks And Phishing Attempts

“Phishing” refers to the attempt by criminals to get personal information from consumers by masquerading as a reputable entity, such as by creating bogus websites, e-mails, phone calls, or text messages. The goal is to commit identity theft using this information in order to extract money from customer accounts. 

The word “fishing” was combined with the letter P from the word “password” to create the term “phishing.” Figuratively speaking, these criminals attempt to “bait” potential victims into offering their login details, payment information, or any other data that they would alternatively keep secure. As a result, the term “fishing” was combined with the letter P from the word “password.”

Regrettably, the internet trading and investment world are not exempt from these and various other deceitful attempts to con customers out of their money. These attempts can take a variety of forms. 

To give just one example, in May of 2021, Europol collaborated with a number of other law enforcement organizations to dismantle investment fraud and money laundering networks that had defrauded hundreds of individuals across Europe out of a total of €30 million. 

The thieves fabricated online trading platforms that looked authentic but were actually fraudulent and then recruited victims by advertising their sites on social media and search engines. When they contacted the victims using a bogus call center, they pretended to be seasoned brokers and used software that had been modified in order to deceive them.

As a result, it is of the utmost significance for you to ensure that at all times you are conducting business with the genuine eToro platform and our authorized representatives, and not with a fraudster.

What precautions should you take to avoid Phishing incidents?

  • eToro will never contact you using Whatsapp or any other messaging platform.
  • Regarding your account, they will never communicate with you through a  third party in any way. 

           You will only be contacted by authorized representatives from eToro.

  • Never reveal any personal information, account information, or security information to anybody who contacts you via different types of media. This includes both online and offline interactions.


When you trade stocks using eToro, you won’t have to pay any commission fees. The procedure of opening an account is a breeze and can be done in a short amount of time. It possesses a multitude of avant-garde features, such as social trading and the capability to mimic the trades of other (successful) traders. Additionally, eToro allows clients to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

However, it does come with a few negatives. Because eToro only accepts accounts in USD, a withdrawal fee of $5 is charged, and if your funding currency is something other than USD, the conversion expenses on transfers and withdrawals could be rather significant. It is not easy to get in touch with customer service, and the educational resources they provide should be improved.

In general, eToro is a platform that we would suggest due to its social trading function, it is the offering of cryptocurrencies, and its zero-commission stock trading. But if you’re a long-term stock investor, it may make more sense for you to work with a regular stockbroker rather than eToro because some of the disadvantages of eToro, such as the fact that it does not apply lower withholding tax on US earnings, may outnumber the advantages of free trading.