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The Coronavirus can be easily transmitted throughout the workplace. When the virus is present, it can quickly spread among employees and affect overall productivity because infected individuals have to take time off from work.  

Typically, your workers may have to be absent for one to two weeks to recover from the illness and avoid spreading the virus to other people—especially in the office. As an employer, you might need to pay for temporary replacements to finish urgent tasks left by your affected employees. If you don’t, you might be unable to meet client deadlines, resulting in missed sales and opportunities. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and organizations are told to frequently clean common areas which could be a source of infection or contamination. Offices have to adhere to these practices to prevent an outbreak within the company. 

However, cleaning must be done properly. It is not enough to clean surfaces and make them spotless; it is also important to disinfect and ensure no virus and bacteria can thrive in every corner of your office. Below are some tips on how to properly clean your office amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Hire A Professional Cleaning Company 

One of the best ways to properly disinfect your commercial space is by trusting professional cleaning companies like to do the job. These cleaning professionals are not just experts in cleaning and disinfecting commercial office spaces, but they also come equipped with the best tools that your company may not have access to.

Before getting the services of a cleaning company, it is important to take note of the following factors first:

  • Experience With Infectious Diseases: The first thing you want to look at before getting the services of a professional cleaning company is their experience with infectious diseases such as COVID-19. This is the best way to determine if they have proper procedures and tools for disinfecting and if their staff are knowledgeable enough to clean up areas with possible contamination.
  • Insurance Coverage For Losses: Another thing you want to check out is whether or not the cleaning company has insurance coverage for losses related to the pandemic. This is an additional layer of financial protection in case the staff of the cleaning company is believed to be infected with COVID-19 after cleaning up your office.
  • EPA License: Your cleaning company should be licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This way, you’ll be assured that they’re using proper chemicals and equipment and following all of the regulations set forth by the EPA.

2. Implement A Cleaning Routine For High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas pertain to common areas in the office where groups of people frequently meet and convene. This includes the lobby, lounge, pantry, hallways, conference rooms, and most especially, the bathrooms. 

You need to pay extra attention to these areas because they are more likely going to be a starting point of infection or contamination. With that said, you need to implement a cleaning routine for these areas. Below are three helpful tips:

  • Train Your Staff: Your cleaning staff must know how to handle cleaning products and go about the cleaning process for high-traffic areas. Aside from that, they must be protected too. For example, they should be wearing disposable masks and gloves while they clean every area and then properly dispose of them once they finish their cleaning duties. 
  • Establish A Regular Cleaning Time For Every Area: High-traffic areas in the office would need cleaning and disinfecting two or three times each day—depending on how much foot traffic every area gets. For example, if the conference room was only used once on a particular day, then it only needs to be cleaned and disinfected once. But the bathroom and pantry might need to be cleaned and disinfected every three to four hours or so since most employees are continuously using these areas throughout the day. 
  • Make Sure Other Employees Do Their Part: While you may have office cleaners who are mainly responsible for cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas, it would not hurt to tell the rest of your employees to do their part as well. This means they should also be responsible enough to clean up after themselves, disinfect or wash their hands every few hours or so, and bring necessities such as alcohol and wipes for their own convenience. 

The routine might seem like an additional burden for most employees at first, but sooner or later, the practices will become part of their habit. After all, they will understand that this is the ‘new normal.’

3. Store Cleaning Supplies In Strategic Locations

If you have an open office space, it’s important to keep cleaning supplies in one location so everyone knows where to look whenever they need one. Doing this will ensure employees find the necessary cleaning essentials when they need to sanitize their own desks or clean up office tools before leaving. 

Putting away cleaning supplies in strategic locations will also reduce the risks of cross-contamination. Although your staff is informed and trained to sanitize or dispose of used cleaning tools, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. 

You must designate more than just one location for cleaning supplies—especially if you have a big office. Make sure every department has easy access to cleaning tools and supplies, and that they don’t have to move from one area to another just to get or store them back in.

4. Wipe Down All Surfaces 

Desks, counters, tables, and even chairs have to be wiped down and disinfected after every shift. Keyboards, mice, office phones, door knobs, light switches, and even office pens must be wiped and disinfected as well.

The desk is where every employee processes papers and other items that can transfer germs, so it’s essential to clean this surface regularly. Kitchen counters and tables in the pantry must be wiped and disinfected thoroughly since employees commonly drink or eat on these surfaces. 

The best way to wipe and disinfect office surfaces is by using an alcohol or diluted bleach solution. Spray the solution on the surface and wipe it off with paper towels or a cloth. This will kill any germs or viruses that are present on the surface. 

Key Takeaway 

The health of your workers and customers is crucial to keep your business going. Therefore, you must thoroughly clean your office to protect them from the Coronavirus. In doing so, you can ensure that your visitors and employees are safe as they stay within your commercial premises.