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The dawn of the Internet and the invention of modern technologies have demanded enterprises change how they operate to enhance efficiency. Remote work environments have forced employees to utilize digital documents, increasing the need for companies to invest in eSignature solutions.  

A replacement for traditional signatures, eSignature, which is short for electronic signature, is a symbol or sound attached to online files to agree with their content. Some benefits of shifting to eSignature include saving time, cutting costs, promoting data security, and creating a paperless signing process. But you must work with the best service like jSign or similar others on the market.  

With the thousands of eSignature software available on the market, deciding which is the best for your company can be overwhelming and challenging, especially if you’re utilizing this technology for the first time. Fortunately, this article lists simple yet effective strategies for selecting the right solution. They include the following: 

1. Find eSignature Software Compatible With Other Applications

To enhance the overall efficiency of your company, almost every process and task involved in your operations are likely automated. The automation tools in your business systems may range from productivity tools, marketing tools, document management tools, and accounting tools to workflow automation tools. That’s why you need to consider the compatibility of eSignature software with the other tools you already have in place. 

Finding a compatible eSignature software ensures you don’t have to change how you work. You won’t even have to alter or make changes to any of your systems since they’ll all work in harmony. This goes a long way in promoting the efficiency of your operations. Therefore, before you install that eSignature software you’ve got your eyes on, confirm whether it’s compatible with all your other computer applications.  

2. Invest In Scalable Solutions 

For now, you may be running a startup with a few customers and employees. Therefore, it might seem fitting to install eSignature software that only accommodates a few users. But that decision might hurt the growth of your enterprise in the future, especially when you onboard more users. For instance, you’ll be forced to purchase another new system to accommodate the growth of your business, which requires you to spend extra cash.  

Before deciding on installing eSignature software, you may want to take a moment to think about your company’s future growth. Chances are you launched a company to grow it, so look for a scalable solution. Simply put, the eSignature software you select should still be suitable when your business organization grows.  

3. Consider The Cost And Pricing 

Cost and pricing should be your deciding factors when finding an eSignature solution for your company. On this note, take some time to compute all the expenses involved in the various solutions available on the market. These include the purchase cost, installation fee, and other expenses you’ll likely incur during and after implementing the eSignature technology.  

You may want to save money when implementing eSignature software into your business systems and be tempted to purchase one with the lowest price. However, such a solution may not serve your business well. Still consider the efficiency of the solution and don’t be tricked by a cheap solution that can turn out to be more expensive in the long run.  

Similarly, you shouldn’t just rush to the most expensive solution on the market, thinking it’ll solve your problems. Some vendors attach high prices to their eSignature software to make clients think that they’re the best solution although that isn’t the case. With a little research, you’ll be able to identify high-quality software offered at a reasonable price.  

4. Choose eSignature System Suitable For Mobile Devices

Thanks to the Internet, you can run your business from anywhere, anytime, which also means signing documents remotely. Hence, you need a solution that can allow you to attach online signatures with your mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This way, you won’t have to rush to your office to access desktop computers anytime you want to sign files.  

5. Buy User-Friendly eSignature Software

You want to invest in eSignature technology to simplify business processes. Therefore, there’s no need to purchase something complex. Instead, go for a user-friendly solution to truly enhance the efficiency of your operations. You can determine if the software is indeed user-friendly by reading online reviews. See what other clients think about the user-friendliness of your preferred eSignature solution before adding it to cart. 


Leveraging the power of eSignature technology is one of the practical ways to ensure your enterprise continues to grow. Apart from saving time, it helps save money. For instance, it eliminates physical papers in your office. Therefore, you don’t have to get additional storage space. You can consider the tips in this article to help find the best eSignature software for your business.