Star Wars


How Lego Star Wars Changed the Game for Toy Industry After 25 Years of Partnership

Jens Kronvold Frederiksen's role as the design director at Lego has been integral to the enduring success of the Lego Star Wars sets. For over twenty-five years, Frederiksen has helmed the creation of sets that merge the iconic universes of Star Wars and Lego, delighting fans worldwide. These sets range from simple Darth Vader mini figure keychains to complex models like the Millennium Falcon, which comprises over 7,500 pieces and retails for $850. This innovative partnership marked Lego's first venture into licensed intellectual property, setting a precedent for future collaborations with other major franchises. As Lego faced financial challenges, the Star Wars sets, along with other initiatives, played a crucial role in stabilizing the company's fortunes.

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