The USA’s Top 10 Cities Leading Population Growth in 2023 and What It Means for Business

2023 marks a pivotal year in America's urban growth story. Dive into an in-depth analysis of the USA's top 10 fastest-growing cities and discover how their expansion is not just reshaping their skylines but also transforming business opportunities. From the economic boom in Fort Worth, TX, to the cultural allure of Charleston, SC, uncover what these demographic shifts mean for the future of business in America.
Workers fixing bridge

Where Will The Money For The $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Come From?

This Monday, President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. This money will be used for roads, bridges, ports, rail transit, safe water, the power grid, broadband internet, and more.  The money for this project will be coming from a five-year spending package would


How The New Infrastructure Bill Will Affect Small Businesses

Recently, Biden and the Senate have been going back and forth on the newest infrastructure bill—some saying the plans were not comprehensive enough, some saying exactly the opposite. But finally, Biden has declared, “we have a deal”! What exactly does this bill include and what