2020 Presidential Campaign


Twitter Is Flagging Misleading Information Just in Time For The Election

Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest ways for the people of this generation to receive information. Although it is debatable whether or not the information given out on Twitter is always factual, millions of people tweet things every single day that can cause


The Impact Of The 2020 Presidential Election On American Small Business

This year, we have all been experiencing the hardships brought on by the pandemic, economic recession, and other factors. Perhaps some of the most impacted by the volatility of the economy and consumer spending habits this year is the small business owner. The economy has


Things Get Heated As Mark Cuban Endorses Biden For President

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is best know as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and as a business investor on Shark Tank. On Tuesday night, Cuban appeared on Fox News to discuss his endorsement of Joe Biden for President with Sean Hannity. Things got heated as


This Founder’s Promising Way To Save Your Business

Universally speaking, at least 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. I qualify it like that because it depends on the source of the statistic. Some place the estimate closer to 78% percent, while others are closer to 55%. Let’s just agree then that at


Political Fashion: The Good, The Bad and the Messy

Remember Hillary’s pantsuits? Collage of Hillary Clinton in pantsuits. Photo courtesy of Medium. What about that time Ronald Reagan was noted as the worst dressed man in politics? Nancy Reagan (left) and Ronald Reagan (right) wearing denim jacket and jeans. Photo courtesy of Reagan Library.