Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest ways for the people of this generation to receive information. Although it is debatable whether or not the information given out on Twitter is always factual, millions of people tweet things every single day that can cause a lot of concern for those interested solely in factual information. But Twitter, in their aim to prevent mis-informing people about the current election, has tweaked their policies a bit.

With the recent election coming up – go vote if you haven’t already – Twitter has been doing everything in their power to give people information that is based on facts, not word-vomit based on assumptions. In their attempt to do so, they are now flagging tweets that contain any sort of information about the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. These flags will look something like this:

This means that any assumptions, any mis-leading documentation, anything that causes concern or can cause panic for their users are now going to include a flag from Twitter stating how the information provided in said tweet may not be factual. 

This new addition to Twitter’s guidelines has no limitations on the people that it flags aka President Trump and former Vice President Biden’s tweets will be flagged as well. Alongside those two candidates, the rest of the presidential candidates on the ballot have the possibility of being flagged. Twitter also stated that anyone with 100,000+ followers or anyone whose likes, or retweets passes 25,000 will get flagged as well. The cool thing about this is that Twitter will provide a link to factual information from news platforms about the content of whatever tweet you’re looking at is based on. They will also give you a little pop-up when you go to retweet or quote a tweet that has a flag. 

Twitter is doing this for their users to create a space where truly factual information is given out. However, having this new policy does not in any way hinder you from voicing an opinion or limiting you to one certain belief. Twitter will always be a platform that helps you connect with people and learn things fast and easy. They just want you to know that even important information can be sent down the line like the game of Telephone and it can get mixed up here and there. 

So, make sure that you are voting smartly and make sure your information is factual and follow your gut!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.