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Discrimination and lack of attention regarding mental health affect the black community, specifically black women, and the needs and learning factors.

The element of mental health in black women and the disadvantage in general, especially with the growing pressure and overburdened experience. This may show how common these penalties are and how this communal stand jointly comes with the fight for equivalency. 

Especially in the world of professionalism and education opportunity, it continues to be challenging to handle the attachment of unequal opportunity. Race, sexual bias, and much more challenging elements end up coming with the outside notion of comparison with other individuals who don’t exactly need to work ten times more complex and showcase their availability and qualifications. With the ups and downs, it does stress the growing experiences of dealing with mental stress, even with needing to be superwoman and doing everything even when beyond psychological and physical exhaustion.

There’s not always a limitation. 

However, there’s the spirited importance of enduring a need length for oneself to breathe and start over, especially depression and savior anxiety.

Such things that can be helpful throughout this experience would be the following: 

Bubble baths, enjoy movies, listen to music, and have an adventure outside. What I love to do with dealing with both depression and anxiety would be journaling.  

Black women have a specific resemblance, and life is seen; differently when having connections with individuals on an everyday basis, especially when they’re as close as family. But many or some may be searching for the need and relationship of sisterhood and the support that comes with it. It’s the mechanism of not feeling isolated in their struggling expeditions by creating a community.

Especially a meaningful, accurate, and consistent relationship.   

 Black women encounter different adventures; unlike others, it’s without a manual regarding their professional and personal life. These dialogues, understanding, and need for a resolution of mental health that impacts women of color need to come with a more significant opportunity, services, openness, and qualification to assist those indeed, especially when we speak about mental health, it’s no longer a secret but, there’s need an open conversation and solutions for those who in desperate need and may have someone to go to for assistance.

There must be a change, an opportunity for all women but, at this moment, women of color. 

Remember everything in moderation, especially with Mental Health.