Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller is a Toronto, ON-based soon-to-be graduate with a BA and AA in English. She now has two years of freelance writing and three years of blogging writing. Each publication opportunity she has achieved over a small amount of time, she has had an intense and fruitful dream of her becoming a substantial and out-of-this-world writer, especially with her articles and the following subjects by research and reviewing stories and individuals about well-being, mental health, music, and well of the above. Her natural, hands-on, and shared boldness has continued, and she is even on the verge of fulfilling her dream. Her bylines can be in Sheen Magazine, Femi Magazine, Unwritten, SpokenBlackGirl, and many more, and yes, more to come as well..

Being Introverted And An Entrepreneur

It has been said that Extroverts, without question, take over the business industry, but, as a true introvert, that’s not the case. There’s a strong misconception that only extroverts can be successful within the business category. But also, when we speak about the world of


The Mixture of Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

It’s been said that entrepreneurs have been directly and indirectly affected by the experience of dealing with mental health. Entrepreneurs are statistically additionally likely to be impacted by mental health problems. Experiencing loneliness as an entrepreneur experienced mental health issues. It’s already a substantial issue