Amanda Miller
Meet Mandi, Freelance and Featured writer's niches are mental health, lifestyle, business [and so much more subjects ]. Originally from Toronto, Canada I currently serve as a Freelance Writer for Unwritten, GreyJournal, an EpilepsyDiease opening that provides thought-provoking and evolving conversation and news from various perspectives. In this role, my semi-goofy and storytelling tone pieces intersect with social issues, mental spaces, and pop culture. I've made my small stamp as an established whisper & a storyteller in this evolving industry. In addition to my work at Unwritten and other establishments, I've also been featured in other publications and platforms like Femi Magazine, GreyJournal Magazine, GROWN, Sheen Magazine, and more. Within the drive of future opportunities, I'd love to translate my publications and more commentary pieces and skills and even possible panels. And, of course, creative articles that start conversations and glance into another philosophy.

The Story of Culture and Conversation

Regarding culture, discussion, and virtuosity, painter Steve Green has you covered and will have you thinking and willing to learn about the history that only a few can do. Born in East Orange, New Jersey, and raised in Scotch Plains, Steve Green crayoned a communicative


Black Women’s Voices on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Reading List

As we approach the third anniversary of the Diversity Tipping Point — the period beginning May 29, 2020, when corporate America acknowledged that Black lives DO matter consider this:  Collective action is essential for creating lasting change. It is important to create spaces where people


There’s a Required Look on Being an Entrepreneur and Dealing Mental Health

An entrepreneur’s daily life it’s filled with challenges, especially when it comes to applying success, uniqueness, and new perspectives, but not every day is a positive and acceptable experience, even when dealing with any mental illness. Some individuals may see it as a small thing


Being Introverted And An Entrepreneur

It has been said that Extroverts, without question, take over the business industry, but, as a true introvert, that’s not the case. There’s a strong misconception that only extroverts can be successful within the business category. But also, when we speak about the world of


The Mixture of Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

It’s been said that entrepreneurs have been directly and indirectly affected by the experience of dealing with mental health. Entrepreneurs are statistically additionally likely to be impacted by mental health problems. Experiencing loneliness as an entrepreneur experienced mental health issues. It’s already a substantial issue


When Mental Illness and Higher Education Don’t Mix

I was in college/ University and new, scared, and lost. My anxiety and depression returned; no, I didn’t get instructions to stop it. But I went for help and was told, “just go outside and make friends.”… imagine that. As a student, no matter how much