When TikTok first launched, it was just seen as another social media site to post funny videos and get internet famous. Now, entertainers are using the social media site as a way to grow their business, creating revenue and fame on the app, allowing both new and old fans to check into their product. Whether that is a movie, TV show, podcast, book, or just an advertising placement, entertainers use their presence on TikTok to tap into their audience and convince them to buy into the product they’re selling. This is how entertainers are turning into entrepreneurs all thanks to TikTok.

TikTok Entertainers Turned Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur smiling on TikTok
Entrepreneur smiling on TikTok

Entertainers within our current entrepreneur culture aren’t considered to be “entrepreneurs”. Even though entertainers are selling music, TV, movies, etc., they are more than likely seen as struggling entertainers rather than entrepreneurs. But through social media sites such as TikTok, this allows them to grow their business online, thus creating revenue for the brand they’re selling. By allowing entertainers to be their own business, they are able to market themselves as a product, making them a necessity for brands to promote both the entertainer and the product. This in part also helps them get bigger opportunities (acting agencies, record labels, etc.) and expand their own business apart from being just an entertainer.

Because entertainers are turning into entrepreneurs, this changes how we see the modern entrepreneur. We see how the modern entrepreneur is turning to social media to grow their business due to its accessibility. Practically anyone can start their business right in the comfort of their own home and promote it super easily with just one click on TikTok. Using the For You Page (FYP) on the app gives the business the ability to grow their audience and tap into their demographic because of the algorithm set in place. This gives the entertainers the ability to generate awareness about the brand and engage with their audience to boost the product they’re selling. Entertainers are able to become entrepreneurs just like that and promote themselves on TikTok in order to expand their business.

The short videos shown on TikTok are in fact changing how entertainers are creating their business by adding in the most information possible in a short amount of time. This taps into their audience by saying “Hey, this is what I’m selling to you. Please invest your time and money into my product.” The entertainer wants you to see videos of their product up close and personal, hoping you invest into their business and drive sales to their product as well. Using Tik Tok as a marketing tool for their business taps into leveraging potential for entertainers as a rising investment for both the business and the consumers.

Social Media Networking

Entrepreneur installing TikTok on phone
Entrepreneur installing TikTok on phone

The culture of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship itself shifts its focus from traditional networking to social media networking, playing a part in growing the business for an entertainer. This shift creates a demand for entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in social media with their own brands and products for their consumers. Because there is a shift happening, entertainers have to constantly change and adapt to what’s relevant for consumers in relation to their business. When it comes to TikTok however, since there are more opportunities to get consumers, entertainers tap into their entrepreneurial side to bring business to their brand by participating in trends or challenges. When they upload their video, they see how many consumers are clicking to view their product through their analytics. If their video goes viral, more consumers end up investing in their product, thus bringing in more revenue. For entertainers, this drives their business to explode with consumers wanting the product they’re selling to the market.

Allowing our entertainers to become entrepreneurs helps them bring investments to their business, thus making them a high demand for product placements. Placing our entertainers in a social media setting like TikTok allows them to bring consumers into their business, expand their brand, and invest in their product. So when you see an entertainer promoting their product on social media, invest in their brand. The next big entrepreneur might just be one click away.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.