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Ever wonder how long it takes to charge an electric car? It all depends on consumer habits. We can assume the average driver fills up their car with gas at least once a week. But what if you didn’t have to go to the gas station once or even twice a week? What if you could give your car the fuel it needs while you were sleeping?

According to NPR, consumers can charge electric cars with a normal outlet. If done overnight, it can get you 50 miles worth of driving. However, this is the slowest method of charging an electric car. If you do not have a personal garage or driveway where you can park your car, you can get a charging station installed at a parking lot at apartment complexes or condominiums. These charging stations can add 100 driving miles to your car in just four hours. While fours hours sounds like a long time in comparison to the five minutes you spend at a gas station, drivers don’t have to babysit their car while it charges. They can head back inside their homes and go to bed while it charges. Studies show charging your car at home is a lot cheaper than filling up on gasoline. According to Energy Sage, the average cost of using an electric vehicle in the U.S. is $485 per year, compared to gas-powered vehicles that cost $1,117 per year.

If drivers are on the road, they can stop by at Tesla charging stations, for example, and add 160 miles to their cars in 25 minutes. While that is extremely powerful compared to the time spent charging at home, you have to ask yourself if the waiting time is worth it? Market researcher Mike Dovorany says that charging times are what turn potential buyers off about the idea of electric cars the most, but once they own them, they are extremely happy. It just becomes a matter of adjusting their lifestyle. And for those who refuse succumb to longer wait times while charging on the road, companies are working to ramp up charging speeds to make charging electric cars on the go a breeze.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.