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TESLA Makes a Triumphant Return, Now Even More Affordable!

After a hiatus of nearly nine months, Tesla is back in action, accepting orders for its coveted Model 3 Long Range sedan in the United States. The automotive giant has not only revived this electric gem but has also sweetened the deal with a more


Who Will Win The Electric Car Race? Tesla VS Lucid Motors

Currently, there are three major companies that produce electric cars: Tesla, Lucid, and General Motors (GM). However, it really comes down to Tesla vs Lucid Motors. Although both are California-based luxury cars, Tesla is arguably ahead due to Elon Musk’s popularity. After all, Young Gravy


How Exactly Do You Charge Electric Cars?

Ever wonder how long it takes to charge an electric car? It all depends on consumer habits. We can assume the average driver fills up their car with gas at least once a week. But what if you didn’t have to go to the gas