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YouTube TV Had Another Fight Over The Weekend, This Time With Disney

After it was announced on Friday, December 17 that Disney failed to reach an agreement with YouTube TV, the House of Mouse pulled all its channels from the streaming platform. The 25 channels YouTube TV lost include ABC, Freeform, ESPN, National Geographic, and more. As


Dollar Tree Inflation Is Only The Beginning

The announcement that Dollar Tree is raising its prices to $1.25 might seem like old news, but this is only the beginning. “This decision is permanent and is not a reaction to short-term or transitory market conditions,” says the retail brand. Dollar Tree is also


Super Follows Explained: How You Can Use Twitter’s New Feature To Make Money

Twitter recently announced that accounts with over 10,000 followers are qualified to earn money via Super Follows. This new feature allows account wielders to tweet exclusive content to select users. In short, these Super Followers are subscribing to see tweets. However, Twitter has certain restrictions


Handheld Gaming Is Getting Steamy With Valve’s New Steam Deck

Valve Corporation, developer of the software distribution platform Steam, is throwing its hat into the gaming console ring by introducing its new handheld Steam Deck. In addition to the standard D-pad, four face buttons, bumpers, and triggers found on most gaming controls, the device features


5 Entrepreneurs Offer Wise Words On How To Support Black Businesses

Last year, when the world was on lockdown and people were gathering in the streets to protest the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, we witnessed the positive change a community can bring. Sparked by the increasing power of the Black Lives Matter movement,


Everything Whitney Wolfe Herd Has Accomplished At 31

Last week, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd made headlines for becoming one of the world’s rare female billionaires. With her massive stake in Bumble, she joins the likes of MacKenzie Scott, who has also been making waves for the generous donations she has made to

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How A Young Entrepreneur Plans To Scale His Business Amidst A Pandemic

For most people, playing sports is just another way to have fun with friends, let off steam, or get some exercise. But for entrepreneurs, sometimes it means something more. Meet Derrick McNeil. Growing up in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, Derrick loved playing sports and even attended college

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