Over the past few months of 2020, most working parents have had to face their new reality of suddenly being turned into not only work-from-home employees but also stay-at-home parents. As if meeting deadlines and dealing with overbearing bosses, while worrying about the crumbling economy and overwhelmed healthcare system was not enough, the complete responsibility of 24/7 childcare also fell onto the heads of unsuspecting parents. Navigating the challenges of homeschooling young kids, and keeping them entertained and occupied, greatly intervened in parents’ productivity and success in the office. Now, as the world slowly starts to reopen, many working parents are continuing to opt to work-from-home so as to keep themselves and their families safe. If you’re one of those parents, a co-working space is the perfect alternative for you.

Co-working spaces connect you to networks of similarly-minded parents

Entrepreneur parent in co-working space with children
Entrepreneur parent in co-working space with children

The eccentric and engaging culture of co-working spaces coupled with their low cost is what has been drawing people to them in greater numbers the last couple of years. After months in isolation, every entrepreneur and business-person is bound to crave the conversation and connection inherent in being around other driven workers. Co-working spaces are thus the perfect space to get your creative juices flowing again through collaboration. These spaces are sure to help you rekindle your entrepreneurial drive and passion by allowing you to form networks with equally dedicated and talented workers. What’s more is that in addition to connecting you to the professional world, you will also be able to find a reliable group of parents who you can depend on in times of child-raising needs. Whether it be for business support or parental advice, co-working spaces are the ideal choice for you!

Co-working spaces provide flexible childcare

Group of children at co-working space daycare
Group of children at co-working space daycare

Being stuck at home for months on end is not advisable for your or your child’s mental growth and intellectual development. Co-working spaces very often come designed to serve the needs of busy parents by providing various forms of childcare, ranging from babysitters to schooling programs. While you are hard at work in the impeccable productive atmosphere of the co-working space, your child will be a couple rooms away enjoying their day playing and socializing with other children.

These childcare services are usually extremely flexible, allowing you to drop off your child at your own timings while you go about your work within or even outside of the co-working space. You can set up your own schedules and work with the childcare services to customize the supervision given to your child according to their needs. Moreover, if you are a parent who feels more secure working while watching over your child, these spaces very often have large screens displaying camera recordings of the nursery.

Best co-working spaces in the country

Find below a brief list of some of the best co-working spaces in the country that also provide incredible childcare services and are currently open for business.

Working from home can be an extremely isolating experience. Setting boundaries with your children, establishing your own distinct workspace while also taking care of your family, can be mentally draining. Co-working spaces thus, allow you to take a short respite from having to fret over your children by leaving them in the care of trained professionals. In such an innovative professional setting, your entrepreneurial spirit will be stimulated to thrive surrounded by other like-minded, motivated workers. So if you ask us, the digital era has made co-working spaces all the more important. The greater the amount of workers choosing to operate remotely, the greater will be the need for such spaces for individuals to flourish professionally.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.