Aditi Parikh


3 Online Networking Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

In the crowded sea of young professionals clamoring to stand out through online networking, distinguishing yourself can be a grossly underestimated challenge. With unprecedented rates of globalization and digitization, you don’t only have to worry about competition from the people in your own surroundings, but


How Co-Working Spaces Ease The Stress For Work-from-Home Parents

Over the past few months of 2020, most working parents have had to face their new reality of suddenly being turned into not only work-from-home employees but also stay-at-home parents. As if meeting deadlines and dealing with overbearing bosses, while worrying about the crumbling economy


How To Be Successful As A Woman Or Non-Binary Entrepreneur

Women and non-binary entrepreneurs have long gone underrepresented in businesses. This chasm only finds itself widened when it comes to people of color, people of varying sexual orientations, and anyone with an identity that defies regressive societal norms. In recent years, as these groups of


Airbnb’s Layoff Process Shows You The Right Way To Do It

As the global economy continues to find itself drowning under the weight of the COVID-19 health crisis, Silicon Valley tech giants have had to massively downsize their companies. Millions of employees have been laid off by firms ranging from Airbnb to Uber in last-ditch efforts


ICE’s New Immigration Legislation Is A Threat To Our Economic Spirit

Update: This ICE policy has now officially been rescinded by the Trump administration, making it a short-term victory for the international student community. However, the ideas expressed in this article regarding the extreme positive impact immigrants have on the American economy continue to stay relevant