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This pandemic has been tough, we can all admit that. Throughout our time at home, we’ve all grown antsy and it has affected a lot of people’s mental health. Fortunately, online therapy saved the day and continues to be a great replacement for in-person therapy – making it easy to do at home and comfortable. With online therapy, you can just look up your needs and they will set you up with someone to talk to. Before the pandemic, getting a therapist was a real hassle. You would have to go to your healthcare provider and ask who they could talk to that fits their mental and financial needs – because let’s face it…those two things can be best friends at times.

With apps like BetterHelp and Talkspace, you can get access to therapy right from home. But how long can it last? In Business Wars Daily, “Online Therapy is Thriving Now, but Can It Remain Viable?” David Brown talks about the government issuing wavers allowing big insurance companies to start something called tele-health services back when the pandemic started in March. Since then, multiple online therapy apps have helped millions of people get the mental healthcare that they need. But Brown questions whether or not this online therapy will remain afloat once the pandemic is over, saying that not only do these companies need funding, but they need an assortment of therapists to meet the high demand. And therapists are unfortunately hard to come by. Not only do they have to have the education, certification and experience behind their belt, but they need to be willing to become independent contractors by the platform that they work for. Not to mention the funding for these apps need to remain steady once the pandemic is over.

Online therapy helps a lot of people, making mental healthcare more accessible and more affordable. As the need to stay safe and stay home becomes more important, so does the need to take care of yourself. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.