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As the pandemic has remained a constant in our lives today, the chance of things going back to normal has seemed very slim. Simple things that we used to love doing like going out to eat or going shopping at malls aren’t what they used to be. Everything has to be outside and we have to remain isolated and apart from the public. But something that we never thought would be happening is happening. It was reported early in the month of October that Regal Cinemas has closed its doors with no light at the end of the tunnel to re-open.

It is known that CinemaSafe was put into place earlier on in the pandemic to make sure that movie theaters nationwide will stay as clean and sanitized as possible. With the program moving along smoothly, it was assumed that the movie theater business was doing well. People were able to go out and watch movies in a theater knowing that they were following all of the social distancing regulations in place. They were even able to get popcorn! 

However, David Brown with Business Wars Daily, “With Films and Audiences Scares, Regal Cinemas Shuts its Doors,” mentions that the insane decrease of new film productions releasing has put movie theaters everywhere at risk for termination. Regal Cinema was, unfortunately, one of those theaters that was not able to stay afloat as the pandemic went on. Even after Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster movie Tenet released, the numbers in the United States were not as shocking as predicted – and were not enough to keep the doors open. Every movie theater needs new movies to keep people coming back. 

It isn’t known whether or not Regal will be able to open their doors again, but only time will tell. Hopefully there is a future for movie theaters in the United States again. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.