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Earlier this year, we discussed a sustainable product that was catching on with young millennials and Gen Z consumers, Liquid Death water. Despite its ominous name, the product is simply bottled water. It’s called Liquid Death and, although clever, it’s bottled water in a can. Canned water may be celebrated for being more sustainable than plastic, but it turns out water and a can has another benefit.
According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s a great option for parties where people don’t want to drink alcohol but do want to blend in. It can be draining to be the only one without a can in your hand at a concert or party, so be sure to bring one.

When answering all of those wired drinking questions is necessary, it’s best to be social and hydrated. You can avoid being ridiculed for drinking water at a punk show by consuming Liquid Death or another solution.
A concertgoer interviewed by the journal said that he especially liked smashing Cannon skulls because he was a punk rock enthusiast and liked crushing the empty skulls. You might think that cans of Liquid Death look a lot like beer cans, but they’re actually made to look like.
They’re using packaging and brand psychology to make something healthier, not to make it feel healthy, as the founder of Liquid Death, Mike Cessario, told the Wall Street Journal.
Despite it being just water in a can, Liquid Death has done very well ever since its launch in 2017.

Last year, forty five million dollars were generated, and this year the company anticipates a three hundred percent increase. That’s a lot of fans of canned water, you might say. It is not directly competing with other non-alcoholic, low-alcoholic drinks.
There has been a twenty percent rise in sales of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits since last August, which indicates that the industry is growing vigorously.
Because it is not a delicious non-alcoholic beer made from beer, Liquid Death is not a player in this sector. It is only water. Because of its numerous skeptics, Liquid Death does, however, have a companion or rival that you might say.
It was not long before Liquid Death was introduced that Open Water started selling spraying water in aluminum cans and bottles. However, it isn’t being marketed as a booze alternative.

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