Over the past couple months, the Clubhouse app has been blowing up. Clubhouse lets you talk, listen and learn from people around the world in real-time. After launching in April of 2020, it exploded across the internet and the business world all because Elon Musk popped up on the app and everyone wanted a piece of it. But Clubhouse isn’t the only new social networking platform that people are using.

There’s a new, San Francisco startup called Swell and they are launching their own app that is focused on voice conversations. You might be thinking, “Okay? So, what makes this different than Clubhouse?” Well, I am glad you asked! The main difference between Clubhouse and Swell is these conversations don’t happen in real time like they would on Clubhouse. On Swell, you would post an audio clip that is up to 5 minutes and other people on the app can browse through, listen, and leave their own post or response on their own time.

This app is literally a voice and audio version of Instagram or Facebook, and it is genius! You could post links or images along with your audio recording and you could start up a conversation and really see things from other’s perspectives. Not only is it awesome that you can have this conversation at your own time, but if you want to respond you have the time to catchup and listen to the previous conversation. You aren’t just popping in the middle of a conversation, putting your two cents in and logging out. You get the time to think about what you want to say, and it gives the app an opportunity to be a platform with logical debates on hot topics.

What are your thoughts about Swell? Do you want to use the app and start a conversation? Let us know in the comments below!

This article is originally published on GREY Journal.