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The ASPCA says that more than twenty million US households adopted a pet over the past two years as a result of the pandemic. Even when travelling, pet lovers take their responsibility seriously. A recent survey by Wag! discovered that the overwhelming majority of frequent travellers seek out pet-friendly accommodations. A hotel bar, for example, is almost always traded for more pet-friendly policies, according to respondents. Almost all respondents also said that they would modify at least one amenity to make their hotel experience better for pets. Hilton has responded to these demands by expanding its pet friendly amenities. More than forty-five hundred locations across the USA and Canada are now pet-friendly. Pet bowls and pet waste bags are available on Hilton’s seven pet friendly brands.

The Hilton chain teamed up with Mars Pet Care last year to provide pet parents with content and advice, as well as a discount on a ban field veterinary hospital wellness plan. Certain Hilton Hotels provide dog beds and bark bags filled with treats along with local pet-friendly resources such as dog parks. A few pet peeves are raised by critics. First, pets are almost always the focus, with occasional exceptions for cats. In addition, pet owners pay as much as $100 more per stay according to Pointsky. According to the company’s pet-friendly overhaul, pet fees were standardized across all its hotels. Kimpton hotels, however, are bucking these trends.

Kimpton invites you to bring your feathery or scaly family member, regardless of their size, weight, or breed, as long as they fit through the door. In addition to their standard inventory, Kimpton may be able to accommodate especially exotic or large animals with a little advance notice. Alternatively, they may be able to provide a dog as an honorary staff member in the canine persuasion. It has been tested over the years by Pet travel website, Petswelcome. A variety of unusual animal guests have been hosted by Kimpton Hotels. Slim the iguana, sloths, and armadillo penguins are among the many creatures that have been seen. In addition to the two chimpanzees, the hotel also hosted a sloth. Kimpton has also had an iguana named Slim.

Talk about going the extra mile. Morningbrew calls pet friendly travel, quote “one of the hottest trends in the travel industry”.

So, we probably haven’t seen the last of hotels trying to lure new customers with different alluring animal amenities. And why not? They just may end up being a cash cow.

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