Out with the old, in with the new! Marie Kondo, queen of organization, has taught a lot of things over her years in the spotlight. From finding ways to organize what you have to throwing out what doesn’t give you that spark of joy, Kondo has shown us that there is a way to organize even the messiest of things.

Decluttering has become one of the biggest trends of 2020. We have spent too much time at home to just let it go unorganized! So, we spent the year throwing out what didn’t bring us joy and replacing it with things that do…containers! More specifically, the Container Store containers. 

The Container Store has seen sales boost higher than ever because of the recent organization kick that everyone got in on. With their stylish, clean looking organization bins and containers, it made it easy to fit it all into the budget. The Home Edit is a huge part of what makes the Container Store amazing. With their custom closets and designs, the Container Store is killing the organizing game and Marie Kondo wanted in on it. 

KonMari, Marie Kondo’s organization brand, and the Container Store partnered up this year. They made an entire line that is used to give their customers super stylish and joyous organizing essentials. There is kitchen, closet, home, and decorative storage for all of your needs. They also have a set of collections that have a serene and earthy vibe to them. If you are all about organizing…this collaboration is meant for you. 

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.