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This has been a hard few weeks for a certain sector of the entertainment industry – animators. Because Hbo Max unexpectedly removed twenty five animated films from its library in mid-August, animators have been impacted. According to The Wrap, many individuals behind the shows were blindsided by the decision.
No notice or communication at all was issued to alert them. Because of … You know, money. A lot of people may well remember way back to March of this year, when Discovery and Warner Media announced a 43-billion-dollar merger.
It was a huge undertaking that incorporated Hbo Max, Discovery, HGTV, and DC Films among others. There was a lot of debt, which was not anticipated by C-C. The merger was announced.

It’s a big blow to Warner Brothers Discovery’s balance sheet. According to the Motley Fool, WBDC racked up $58 million in debt right out of the gate.
The newly appointed CEO, David Zaslav, would be tasked with paying down that debt. Zaslav is cutting back on series by sending dozens of them out the door. Even before the animation cuts, the studio announced that it had canceled the DC Comics film Back Girl, which was in production.

According to the Wrap, such abrupt cuts will negatively impact the studio’s relations with creative talent in the future. After it was canceled, one storyboard artist said that animators had “a deep distrust of the company at the moment.” He furthermore stated, “The way all of this work was just discarded and the blink and blink just felt so callous.”

Callous, especially considering that Hbo Max was supposed to be an animation paradise. Perhaps you are aware that Warner Bros. was the production company for the brief Looney Tunes television series.

Oh, and it also founded a channel called Cartoon Network. Nevertheless, a TV reviewer told Pace Magazine that animation has been “pushed down an endless flight of stairs and ignited on fire” as a result of the studio’s most recent initiatives.

Unfortunately, it seems that other companies are also using animated series as a lifeboat to right their ship.

Netflix canceled a couple animated projects that were already far into production earlier this year after receiving less than outstanding Q1 results. Along with some of his employees, the streamer also let go of an executive in charge of creating new animated series.

The future of Netflix animation was put into doubt by their actions, which garnered criticism from program producers.

Warner Brothers Discovery and Netflix may need to provide something of a recognized branch to the entire animation industry before things are resolved because for many creators and fans, what the platforms are up to isn’t tuney, but it’s definitely a little looney. This is true even as animators struggle to rebuild trust.

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