Ecommerce has come to stay, the market keeps growing every day. According to Statista, 13.6% of sales were made from online purchases in 2019. This figure is projected to reach 19.5% in 2021. This statistics indicates that the market keeps growing and it is highly competitive. To survive in this market, ecommerce business entrepreneur need to be updated about technological trends and development.

This article brings to your notice some of the essential applications that can give you a competitive edge in the dynamic and competitive eCommerce business. These apps will assist you in managing your eCommerce sales and marketing effectiveness.

Here are 8 most underrated apps essential for eCommerce business entrepreneurs:

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As an eCommerce business entrepreneur, you need to track your online store performance constantly. Oribi dashboard provides you get valuable data and actionable insights that help you discover your website performance.

Oribi is a great alternative to Google Analytics because it is less simple to use, and its data can be easily understood. Oribi simplified data will assist you in making intelligent decisions about your website optimization, evaluate its conversion rates, see cross-channel attribution, and more. Oribi pricing starts at $630 per month billed annually. It also offers a free trial.

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Drip is a leading CRM automated marketing platform specifically built for an eCommerce website selling physical products online. Drip comes with many tools and features that foster an effective eCommerce campaign. It offers you a lot of pre-built automation workflow to grow your eCommerce business as well as automated email marketing. Also, Drip provides you tremendous personalization freedom to create a unique online store that customers will find very appealing. With Drip, you get to enjoy multiple channel sales and marketing.

Drip pricing ranges from $19 per month to $122 per month. The amount of your subscription determines the Drip plan fit for your business.

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QuickBooks is an application that offers an accounting solution for your eCommerce business. QuickBooks takes care of your books, manages your inventory, tracks sales, tracks your business expenses, ensures bank reconciliation, drafts invoices, and monitors your business financial report. QuickBooks has an easy and smart user interface. It’s compatible with many banks and third-party user apps.

QuickBooks pricing starts at $10 per month. It has a free version and offers a free trial.

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Spott is an interactive content application that allows eCommerce businesses to get more value out of their published visual and audio-visual content. It helps make your business marketing videos and images more actionable and measurable by adding interactive elements. Spott gives you three interactive video format options – video, still photo, and panoramic. Spott allows you to add a call to action, get a newsletter subscription, tag your products and consequently increase your business conversion rate. You can easily use the app; it requires little or no video editing skills. Spott has a free version but doesn’t offer a free trial.

Spott pricing starts from $35 per user per month.

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Engagebay is an affordable all-in-one marketing application that aids your business engagement and Improves its conversion rates. It acquires, engages, nurtures your website visitors to customers. Engagebay has advanced automation tools to nurture contacts and improves engagement.

You can use insights from market surveys and your target audience behavior to personalize your engagement. Engagebay offers a free version and a free trial. Its pricing starts at $9.99 per month.

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Social media is a veritable avenue for ecommerce businesses to reach their audience. Hence, as an online store owner you need a viable social media management application. SocialBee provides ecommerce entrepreneurs efficient social media management solutions. SocialBee marketing tools can help you manage your business social media marketing, audience tracking, content management, post scheduling, and planning. It also had an automated content recycling feature that allows republishing on connected profiles indefinitely.

It is compatible with all the top social media platforms that can help your increase your sales. It can also help improve your business’s social media presence. SocialBee offers no free trial but has a free version. Its pricing starts at $19.

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Audiense is a social marketing application that helps businesses make the most of their social media campaign and social marketing strategy. Audiense provides your business solutions relating to social advertising, social marketing and gains insights into your target audience or consumers’ behavior. Audiense allows you to customize your social media content to stimulate your target audience.

With insights provided by Audiense you get to know the content that gets the most positive response from your audience. Audiense also provides you useful information about your competitors’ marketing activities. Apart from giving you useful data, Audiense also equips you with a relevant tool to act on the data.

Audiense pricing ranges between $3,575 to $15,600 per year.

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As an ecommerce entrepreneur that sells across multiple sales channels, you need Synder for effective accounting management. Synder is an accounting application that assists businesses in reconciling their books and create an automatic invoice accurately. Synder helps to sync all sales channels and payment gateways within one interface. You can integrate Synder with over 13 payment processors.

It also provides detailed information about your business sales, inventory, and tax. Synder is very easy to set up, and it has excellent responsive support that is always ready to help should there be any hiccup. Synder doesn’t have a free version, but it offers a free trial. Synder pricing starts at $19.99 per feature per month.

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There is no tool can replace the resilience and the resourcefulness of an entrepreneur, but working hard also mean working smart. In the world of Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy, the competition is furious, and you need every edge you can get. Let me know what other tools or apps you use for your business in the comment. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, so you can get the latest tips and skills before they are an open secret.