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Temu: The Rising Challenger to Amazon’s Throne

Temu, an up-and-coming shopping app, has been making waves in the retail world. It made headlines by securing not one but two advertising slots during the Super Bowl, paying a staggering $14 million for each 30-second spot. This feat is even more impressive considering that


Unlocking the Secrets of Tomorrow’s E-commerce Landscape

Ready to embark on a whirlwind adventure through the e-commerce wonderland? Grab your virtual shopping bags and strap in, because the future of e-commerce is racing towards us at breakneck speed! With cutting-edge technology and rapidly shifting consumer behavior, the e-commerce landscape is morphing into

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How to get into E-Commerce and Start an Online Business

In the wake of COVID-19, people are searching for ways to make more money while trying to spend more time with their loved ones. Anyone researching opportunities finds themselves bombarded with ads and videos encouraging you to start your very own online business. There are


The Dark Side of Thrifting

In a world driven by fast fashion, thrifting should be our saving grace. However, upsell culture quickly takes over second hand shopping, highlighting the dark side of thrifting. “Thrift store gentrification” exemplifies this issue, where affluent shoppers voluntarily buy merchandise from second-hand clothing stores like


2021 Women’s Fashion Trends That Will Make Your Life Simpler

Covid-19 changed everything—including the fashion industry. The fashion industry has declined during 2020 for many reasons: people staying home willingly to shield themselves from the virus; restricted travel; job lay-offs; working from home; and not many places to go, period. So why shop at all?