In an ever-evolving technological landscape, staying abreast of the latest trends and networking opportunities is crucial. For entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, startup conferences are pivotal events. 2024 promises an array of exciting gatherings across the U.S., each offering unique insights and opportunities. Here are the 8 most anticipated startup conferences of the year, along with answers to some frequently asked questions about tech conferences.

1. Startups World – January 13, 2024

starts up world

Timezone: Western European Time (WET)Format: Hybrid
Price: Online – $172.52; Essential – $1,111.77; VIP – $1,334.64; Premium – $3,671.06
City and State: Not specified

Begin 2024 with a surge of inspiration at Startups World, the premier conference for burgeoning startups. This event assembles a remarkable roster of industry leaders and mentors, dedicated to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurial talent. It’s more than just a conference; it’s a dynamic platform where growth strategies, innovative tools, and invaluable insights are shared, fostering a thriving environment for startup success. Here, you’ll find a unique blend of mentorship, networking, and learning opportunities, all aimed at accelerating startup growth and success.

Why Attend: Ideal for those seeking practical growth strategies, Startups World offers a blend of mentorship, leadership insights, and tools for startup scaling. It’s a valuable opportunity for startups looking to make a significant impact in the new year.

2. sTARTUp Day 2024 – January 24-26, 2024

Startup day

Timezone: Eastern European Time (EET)
Format: In person
Price: Visitor – $183.33; Startup – $161.64; Investor – $270.12; Executive – $270.12 (Early access price)
City and State: Tartu

sTARTUp Day stands out as a dynamic hub for startups at all stages, boasting an impressive gathering of over 3500 attendees and more than 150 expert speakers. This vibrant conference offers a comprehensive experience with its extensive Demo Area, interactive workshops, and diverse networking events. Designed to cater to a global audience, sTARTUp Day merges thought-provoking discussions, hands-on learning opportunities, and unparalleled networking into an ideal platform for startup growth and collaboration.

Why Attend: sTARTUp Day is the quintessential event for startups seeking a holistic exposure experience, ranging from in-depth workshops to pivotal investor meetings. It’s an invaluable opportunity for those aiming to expand their professional network and gain wisdom from a varied ensemble of industry pioneers. Tailored for entrepreneurial growth, this event offers a unique blend of learning, networking, and collaborative opportunities, making it an unmissable destination for startups eager to make a significant impact in their field.

3. SXSW – March 8-16, 2024


Timezone: Central Time Zone (CT)
Format: Hybrid
Price: Platinum – $1675; Interactive – $1360; Film & TV – $1255; Music – $835
City and State: Not specified

SXSW stands as a multifaceted nexus for startups, presenting a diverse array of programs across 24 distinct tracks, perfectly suited for entrepreneurs in search of both inspiration and collaborative ventures. Far exceeding the scope of a typical conference, SXSW is a vibrant cultural amalgam where the realms of technology, music, film, and interactive media blend seamlessly. This event offers a unique platform for innovative convergence, making it an essential destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge intersection of various creative and technological industries.

Why Attend: SXSW distinguishes itself with an unparalleled eclectic fusion of industries and subject matters. It’s the prime destination for startups and entrepreneurs who are keen on delving into cross-industry collaborations and extracting insights from a broad spectrum of fields, ranging from the vibrancy of music to the innovations of tech. This conference is a treasure trove for those looking to expand their horizons, offering a unique platform to explore, connect, and gain inspiration from the confluence of diverse sectors

4. Startup Grind Global Conference – April 23-24, 2024

start up grind

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (PT)
Format: In person
Price: Full Access – $249; Investor Pass – $599
City and State: Not specified

This annual assembly is a cornerstone event for startups, offering unparalleled networking opportunities with a plethora of investors and influential organizations, which are crucial for business scalability. It’s more than just a gathering; it’s a global nexus dedicated to connecting startups with leading investors and pivotal industry figures, thereby nurturing an ecosystem ripe for collaboration and progressive growth. This event serves as a vital platform for fostering meaningful connections and strategic partnerships, all essential elements for propelling your business forward

Why Attend: This conference is a golden opportunity for startups seeking to elevate their journey with essential funding and strategic alliances. It’s meticulously designed to facilitate direct networking avenues with prominent investors and influential industry leaders. Here, you’ll find yourself in the heart of meaningful interaction and engagement, making it an indispensable event for any startup looking to secure pivotal funding and forge game-changing partnerships. Attendees can expect not just connections, but catalysts for substantial growth and success.

5. TechCrunch Early Stage 2024 – April 25, 2024

Tech Crunch Early Stage

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (ET)
Format: In person
Price: Founder Pass Regular – $449, Launch – $149; Investor Pass Regular – $649, Launch – $349; Student Pass Regular – $449, Special – $99
City and State: Boston, Massachusetts

This summit is specifically crafted for entrepreneurs at the outset of their business journey, offering a rich blend of workshops and discovery sessions. It’s the ideal arena for those embarking on their startup path, providing tailored guidance and learning opportunities. Focusing on the fundamentals of business growth, this event is a sanctuary for early-stage entrepreneurs, delivering an array of resources and insights designed to lay a solid foundation for their burgeoning ventures.

Why Attend: Tailor-made for early-stage startups, this event offers a wealth of knowledge on foundational aspects of starting a business, making it a must for entrepreneurs in the nascent stages of their ventures.

6. Startupfest 2024 – July 10-12, 2024

Timezone: Eastern Time Zone (ET)
Format: In person
Price: $223.44
City and State: Montréal, Canada

This event stands at the forefront of exploring the dynamic synergy between humans and technology. It showcases an array of speakers who are experts in this fusion, alongside offering substantial investment opportunities and unparalleled networking possibilities. Emphasizing the critical intersection of human ingenuity and technological advancement, the event delves into innovative strategies for technology application and startup growth, making it a pivotal platform for those at the cutting edge of tech-human integration.

Why Attend: With a unique focus on the human-technology interface, this conference is ideal for startups innovating at the intersection of tech and human experience, offering unique perspectives and funding opportunities.

7. Saastr Annual 2024 – September 10-12, 2024

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone (PT)
Format: In person
Price: Kinda Early Bird Ticket for Startups – $799; Team Pack – $649 per ticket; Big Cos & VCs Ticket – $999; Team Pack – $799 per ticket
City and State: Not specified

Saastr Annual redefines the SaaS conference landscape with its festival-style ambiance, drawing an impressive crowd of 13,000 attendees. This event is a vibrant hub of learning and networking, set against a backdrop of celebration and industry achievement. Offering a plethora of practical insights and interactive workshops, Saastr Annual creates an engaging and festive atmosphere where the brightest minds in SaaS converge to share knowledge, forge connections, and celebrate the milestones and innovations that shape the industry.

Why Attend: Saastr Annual is a festival-style event that provides a vibrant learning and networking atmosphere. It’s particularly useful for SaaS startups looking to learn from successful case studies and connect with potential customers and partners.

8. Web Summit – November 11-14, 2024

Timezone: Western European Time (WET)
Format: In person
Price: $1031.27
City and State: Not specified

Web Summit is acclaimed as the zenith of global tech events, renowned for bringing together a confluence of the world’s foremost policymakers, industry trailblazers, and innovative startups. It offers an unmatched panorama of the tech landscape, providing deep insights and forward-thinking perspectives. This summit is the definitive meeting point for the tech community, uniting diverse thought leaders and visionaries for a holistic and enriching tech experience, making it an indispensable event for anyone engaged in the technology sector.

Why Attend: Renowned as a global tech hub, Web Summit is the place to be for startups wanting to gain global visibility, connect with policymakers, and draw inspiration from industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best technology conferences?

The best technology conferences offer a blend of innovation showcases, networking opportunities, and learning experiences, essential for anyone in the tech and startup sectors.

How do I find new tech startups?

Attending conferences is an excellent way to discover new tech startups, with opportunities to engage in pitch sessions, demo areas, and networking events.

What is a tech conference?

A tech conference is a gathering focused on technology and innovation, where participants share knowledge, network, and explore new trends and opportunities in the tech industry.

Each of these conferences presents unique opportunities and experiences, making them invaluable for anyone involved in the startup and tech ecosystems. Whether you’re looking for networking, funding, learning, or inspiration, these events are the places to be in 2024.