You are launching an exciting new product. Before you are able to launch it online, you need product photos. How should you display your product? Are there any current trends that you should be aware of? What new ideas could you implement for your photos?

Keep reading to learn more about photo trends for online sales in 2021:

Virtual Photos

Virtual might be the word of the year and this continues to be true when it comes to product photography. 3D renderings of homes have been a trend for years, but virtual photos are on the rise to help sell products and give consumers a full picture of what they are ordering.

This is growing in popularity because you can create a photo of your product on a beach in the Bahamas or on a mountain range in Colorado without actually having a photoshoot in either of those locations. The ability to create 3D images holds unlimited potential.

There is a learning component that comes with designing and executing this type of product photography. You could partner with a company that already produces these photos or train an employee to be able to create these images. Using virtual photos as a way to display your products can help you stand out from your competition.

Go Minimal

An entrepreneur taking photos outside
An entrepreneur taking photos outside

Less clutter means more focus on the product. Some product photos include too many distractions for the customer to fully look at the product.

Shifting the focus to the product allows you to focus your customer’s attention on the item that you are trying to sell. White or simple backgrounds help accomplish this because the item will catch your eye in this setting.

When you are laying out your product and deciding how to photograph it, think of ways in which you can make the setup more minimal. This will help you eliminate any props that don’t add significant value to the photo and highlight your item properly.

Capitalize on Colors

Have you ever used a bright background to make a product stand out? Imagine if you placed your product in front of a bright yellow backdrop.

This type of photo would stand out when someone is browsing your webpage.

Using colors can give you several options to present the same item. Experimenting with different colored backdrops and bright lighting can elevate your product photography to new levels.

Pair People & Product

An entrepreneur taking photos of a model
An entrepreneur taking photos of a model

This approach can depend on your product. The idea of people using your product in a photo can make it more realistic and relatable to your potential customers.

If consumers see other adults using a product, they may be interested in learning more. A great example of this is with clothing because it typically looks better on models than being laid out flat on a surface for photos. This approach allows the customers to see the fit of the item and its functionality before deciding to purchase it.

Whether you use actors or highlight customer photos from social media, pairing people with your product is an advantageous marketing tactic. These photos should be natural and not forced, as if they are a snapshot of your product being used in a certain environment.

If you are filming any video footage of your product, it can double as a photo shoot. This will allow you to capture the action in a way that does not attract attention to the camera and allows the people to act with the product.

Mobile-Friendly Mindset

Do you have to zoom in on your photo in order to see the details of your product?

Today, over half of all online purchases are from a mobile device. This is important because your product photos should be mobile-friendly in nature.

Detail is extremely important and you can focus on detail by providing a range of photos that are easy to see on a mobile device. A few photos of the product are a good start, followed by close-up shots of the product and the detail of its design. The ability to easily observe the detail will draw your customers in.

Get Started Today

An entrepreneur taking landscape photos
An entrepreneur taking landscape photos

It is never too late to start taking better product photos. As you can see from the trends, there are many options for product photography. The key is picking the right options for your product in order to highlight it in a unique and authentic way.

Consistency is important, especially in online sales. Developing a style when taking the product photos can take time but it will make your products easily recognizable in the future. Don’t wait, get started today!

Do you have any tips for taking better product photos? Let us know in the comments!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.