Katie Weiler
I am Katie Weiler and I am currently a freelancer in the content space. I have experience writing articles for company websites, in addition to producing photo and video content for music artists, weddings, and small businesses. I stepped away from my office job last year to pursue being an entrepreneur and focus on the business ventures that I want to start.

5 Positive Ways How To Deal With Failure As An Entrepreneur

An estimated 90% of new startups fail. As an entrepreneur, this probably doesn’t sound like a motivating statistic. But what causes startups to fail? At what point in the business cycle does this happen? How can you prevent it from being a complete failure and


How to Capitalize on Product Photo Trends for Online Sales

You are launching an exciting new product. Before you are able to launch it online, you need product photos. How should you display your product? Are there any current trends that you should be aware of? What new ideas could you implement for your photos?