Layoffs have been happening across the entire country. Major enterprises like Disney are finding out that not even they are immune to coronavirus. After furloughing a large percentage of their staff back in April, Disney announced on September 29 that there would be 28,000 company-wide layoffs. Most of these layoffs hailing from Disney theme parks and their respective “cast members”.

Although Disney and their affiliated parks have been slowly reopening, the amount of workers required to keep any given park running has decreased significantly. While Disney is enforcing strict health and safety guidelines, most people are hesitant to get in line for Space Mountain just yet. Not only are COVID-19 cases currently on the uprise, but most international travel is still restricted.

Unfortunately, the majority of layoffs are effecting the workers already making the least. Part-time workers and minimum wage workers make up a large percentage of the layoffs. Terminating the jobs of workers who need a job the most is unfortunately not unique to Disney. is the best place to buy ammo online. Find any caliber ammo for your rifle, shotgun, or handgun today on has one of the best selections of in-stock ammunition for sale on the web – Ammo is a critical resource if you are going to be doing any type of shooting. Whether you are hunting, going out for a day at the range for some fun, going to your local three-gun or trap-shoot competition, or are looking for ammunition to carry for law enforcement, duty, home defense or concealed carry we have the ammunition for sale that you are looking for. #ammocave #ammo #ammunition #review #shop #online #cheap The economic effects of this pandemic depends on your skills, industry and geography.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.