How Robinhood Has Revolutionized Investing

Traditionally, stock market investing has had the reputation of being riddled with fees and a climate where brokers and dealers prioritize their own personal gain. This, along with lofty minimum investment amounts and other barriers, has scared off the average American looking for an alternative


The Impact Of The 2020 Presidential Election On American Small Business

This year, we have all been experiencing the hardships brought on by the pandemic, economic recession, and other factors. Perhaps some of the most impacted by the volatility of the economy and consumer spending habits this year is the small business owner. The economy has


Why There’s A Rise Of Tech Startups In Latin America

Latin America’s days behind the curve when it comes to startup private investment are now in the rear view mirror. We are currently seeing an unprecedented amount of VC funding flood in to the region at a rapid pace. Similar to the tech giants of