Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas is a Washington State lawyer and writer who loves to talk —and write—about branding. Her business is in intellectual property law by providing support to clients who need to brand their businesses or their work via trademarks; or who require protection for their intellectual assets through copyrights.— She runs the Omega Inscribe Writing Company, a blogging, book writing and support platform for authors looking for guidance in their trade. When not busy with writing assignments, she spends a lot of her spare time working for the non-profit: The Lion’s Sanctuary Career Matchmaker, an organization helping individuals to discover their destined career paths. During leisure time, she loves to read and relax on the patio on hot days.

3 Things That Elevate You From Author To Business Mastermind

Author-preneur. Writer-preneur. Book-preneur. Most of us may already know or have heard of these words at some point. They all mean the same thing: someone who writes books. However, there is a little more to it than that. What is an author-preneur? An authorpreneur writing


How To Be An Entrepreneur (No, Really—How Do You Get Started?)

Entrepreneurs are idea thinkers. They are the individuals that see a problem—and can come up with a solution for resolving it. Therefore, in order to be an entrepreneur, there is only one fundamental question for getting started: What is your big idea? This, in short,


6 Essential Contracts You Need Before Launching Your Startup

With the explosion of new businesses and startups across various industries today, many business newbies are stepping into their new world of commerce without adequate protection. Think of it as a fireman running into a burning building without a fireproof suit. Most of us have


Start Your Writing Business With A Brand

Have you ever wondered why you can’t decide on what to write, or how to write, or who to write about? I want to talk about the necessity of having a brand before you even pick up a pen to start writing anything. What is