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Have you ever wondered why you can’t decide on what to write, or how to write, or who to write about? I want to talk about the necessity of having a brand before you even pick up a pen to start writing anything.

What is a Writing Brand?

Writer working on brand ideas

A brand is a product, service or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services or concepts. If you have a brand attached to the material that you write, it will give you a unique identity among all other writing identities competing out there in the writing world.

As a writer, your brand is the concept that flows in every piece of writing that you create. For instance, you may be a fashionista, with an absolute love of fashion. All you want to write about is fashion. You want to blog fashion, publish written content on fashion etiquette, make podcasts about fashion…You get the point.

Developing Your Writing Brand

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Since you want to focus on writing in the fashion area, you should consider a brand that is “uniquely you” in the fashion writing world. For instance, you may decide to be a writer of fashion trends. Or you may choose another specialty writing such as fashion faux pas. Or you may decide on fashion history.

The ultimate point is that you may want to consider picking a specific spot on the dial of the fashion industry and make it uniquely your focus and identity as a writer. If, for example, you pick fashion trends as your concentration, your writing will be known for something distinct such as: focusing on following designers and their new seasons, highlighting new fashion styles, or criticisms on trends.

A brand will position you and make your writing…organized. It gives you one area to focus your energies on. As you are concentrated in that one space of writing, you build authority in it, all your studies or research are focused on it, and you will be known for owning it.

5 Tips for a Successful Writing Brand

Writer making a list of brand ideas

What are the things to do to ensure you have a successful brand as a writer? I have 5 points that should guide you along:

  1. Think of a generic interest area on what you would like to write about
    in your writing business, like our earlier example, fashion.
  2. Choose a specific concentration in that broad area that excites you the
  3. Give your chosen area of writing a brand name. For instance, as a
    fashion writer, your brand could be something as simple as: “Critic of
    Celebrity Fashion Trends.”
  4. Ensure that your brand guides every product and service that you put
  5. Always be conscious of the brand that you represent—Live it by not
    just writing, but speaking about it, and advertising it.

If you have a brand attached to your writing, your struggles will diminish or be completely eliminated when you start to write, as you do not have far to think in order to produce something that is grounded in the brand that is uniquely you. Your writing business becomes an experience that is organized, well rooted in a concentrated area, and one that is able to grow in authority.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.