Kwami Nyamidie
The author of Thirst No More: A Fable of Hope and Forgiveness and Ready for Your Love and Other Poems, Kwami Nyamidie is an award-winning poet and freelance writer. He holds a Master of Arts in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University. A U.S. citizen, Kwami lives in the Pacific Northwest where he’s currently working on a nonfiction book about mothers.

Parenting Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry frustrates most parents, but the solution often points to their parenting skills. The following are stories of different siblings that show how children reflect their parents. Mother holding baby and talking with other daughter Alienated Sisters Although they are both children of Michelle,


Reversing the Impact Of Absentee Parenting

In parenting, what you do overrides what you say. Greg’s story highlights the harm absentee parenting can inflict on a child and what efforts can be made to reverse it. Child holding father’s hand Greg, The Teacher A certificated teacher for 24 years, Greg has