Ike Jackson
Harvey L. Frierson Jr. Host of The Ike Jackson Report Podcast and Owner of BX Media LLC a commercial HipHop Music, Film and Television intellectual properties company.

Idea Podcast Market

Have you ever thought of a radio show of your own? Are you an artist who wishes that your songs will be heard by the masses? Decades earlier, a lot of contacts-or a fortune-would have been needed to get noticed. These days, your dreams can


Future of Podcast Streaming

The way American politics worked was changed by blogging. Podcasting is going to expand the reach. Find out how to make a convincing and exciting political broadcast. Furthermore, given that there are functions to incorporate on Spotify, it will make it easier for people to


It Was All A Dream: Hip Hop Market Vision For 2020-2030

Without political and business vision for Hip Hop, the people will perish no matter the seditious Trump administration or complicit Republicans attacking our republic; Hip Hop will grow and become more assertive in the American self-interest market control. If we must be earnest and consider